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Wednesday 27 December 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Education, National


Nukutere’s Year 8 advocates responsible waste disposal
Nukutere College’s Year 8 students. SUPPLIED/23120601

Nukutere College’s Year 8 marked the end of their academic year with a resounding statement at the Social Centre in Nikao – a day out that fused fun with purpose a week before the school term closed earlier this month.

The students embarked on a mission to clean up the beach, displaying an inspiring commitment to preserving their natural surroundings.

With bags in hand, they diligently combed the shoreline, amassing a significant haul of discarded debris.

Their message was “Let’s keep our beaches clean for all to enjoy.”

Following the successful clean-up, teacher in charge Debra Pukerua stepped forward to underscore the importance of responsible waste disposal.

“Our students have shown remarkable dedication today. They’ve not only cleaned the beach but have also spread awareness about the impact of litter on our environment,” Pukerua said.

“It’s our collective responsibility to ensure we dispose of our waste thoughtfully. Let’s all be more mindful of our actions when enjoying these beautiful beaches.’
The day continued with lively activities, celebrating the students’ hard work while emphasising the vital theme of environmental stewardship.

Pukerua’s message lingered, resonating with visitors and students alike, driving home the imperative need for everyone to play a role in maintaining the cleanliness of these natural spaces.

The Year 8 students of Nukutere College left a lasting impression, not just with their clean-up efforts, but with a powerful call for greater responsibility in waste management.

The students and teachers were deeply grateful to all parents, and Prime Foods for sponsoring such a successful event.

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