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Incentives offered to strengthen relationships

Thursday 23 February 2023 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Education, National


Incentives offered to strengthen relationships
Apii Avarua 2023 prefects look smart in their new pareu shirts and are ready to assist the school and students. 23022221

In an effort to reconnect and strengthen the relationship with their parents, guardians and community, Apii Avarua are starting a new school programme tomorrow.

On Friday, special certificates will be presented to students who have worked hard and show great results in spelling tests.

To give children incentives, every fortnight, presentations will be held for particular subjects including mathematics, general knowledge, science, spelling and reading. 

“This programme is to help motivate our children, and teachers too,” said Principal Engia Baxter.

“We want to encourage the kids to work harder so we will be rewarding them with awards, and to make the event more special people from the community have been asked to attend the assembly to talk to the children to help inspire them,” she said.

 “We want the parents to work with us and to support this programme to encourage our children.”

Starting the tests up again is to also give the kids confidence, so they get used to it and begin to enjoy it rather than feeling threatened by tests so when they get to college they are comfortable with tests, said Baxter.

Last year the school was badly affected by Covid-19, and the school has had to pick up and fill in those gaps.

Baxter noted that some parents have high expectations of what they want their children to be in school, but don’t show the same expectation in their homes.

Homework and reading material are coming back to school without being noted, and really the support that you want to be there for the kids in their homes is not like it used to be, she said.

Too many times parents have been complaining there’s no homework, said Baxter, so teachers are now putting their homework folders together which can be shown to the parents that homework has been sent home.

On Tuesday this week Apii Avarua held its annual The Apii Avarua 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the school’s Matakura Dome.

At the meeting Baxter encouraged parents who have any concerns about the learning of their children to visit the school immediately, see the teacher and address the issue, and not to wait until the Parents Teacher Interview day to go in to school.

This year the school is making a big push to connect back to the families, and want families to “take time off your phones and get involved with your kids,” said Baxter.

Last Friday, Apii Avarua endorsed thirty prefects at the schools assembly, the 2023 prefects are: Marcus Enoka, Milina Upoko, Ngatoko Rongo, Terii Tuakana, Teaukura Tutai, Grace Tangaroa, Jacob Tapaitau, Edon Teraitua, Isaac Mafua, Reaia Van Eijk, William Ahiao, Heivarii Turitoa, Dalton Herman, Lurlin Tekoronga, Raeyaan Narayan, Ngatamaine Heimata, Mateata Faireka, Urautia Enoka, Repaio Williams , Talitha Tapurau, Fetu Tiaiti, Paula Mana, Claude Simpson, Nan Raikatalau, Nathaniel Unuia, Leilani Kamoe, Adamu Kirikava, Vaianna Maaka, Kamoeau Mataroa and Evelyn Areai.

Elections were held during the AGM for the schools new Parents Teachers Association (PTA) who are: Chairperson - Georgina Short Willie, Assistant Chairperson - Maru Tepou, Secretary - Amber Raymond, Assistant Secretary- Sala Simpson, Treasurer - Liz Tatuava, Assistant Treasurer - Kupe Lelevaga, Committee members - Mata Tiaiti, Merle Pukerua, Lexie MacKenzie-Hoff, Tekura Turitoa, Minna Willie, Anne Tou and Joyce Sakai. 

On behalf of Apii Avarua, Baxter is appreciative of the parents who made time to attend the AGM. 

“We greatly thank you as this shows you are always there for your child and the school overall, we would also like to congratulate all the parents who have come on board as our 2023 PTA to work with us and the previous members,” said Baxter.