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Wednesday 9 November 2022 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Culture, National


Aliki Makirai Henry new Ariki for Pukapuka
Pukapuka’s Aliki Makirai Henry, Iavana Henry and Takitumu’s Pa Marie Upokotini Ariki at Te Ulu O Te Watu Labour Day celebrations in Auckland, New Zealand. SUPPLIED. 22102702

Pukapuka’s new Aliki Makirai Henry (Ariki) attended Te Ulu O Te Watu society Labour Day celebrations in Auckland, New Zealand earlier last week.

Aliki Makirai Henry was elected in June this year. He comes from the fourth line of the Aliki tribe - the Liita line.

Performances by the Pukapuka community representing the three villages on their home island - Yato (Leeward), Loto (Central) and Ngake (East) entertained the guests at the event.

Last year in November, Pukapuka’s Aliki Pakitonga Tetio Kaitala Paulo Iti passed away at the age of 81 - enroute to Rarotonga from Pukapuka on a medical referral. He was returned to Pukapuka to be buried. The title was bestowed on him by the people of Pukapuka on November 19, 2008.

President of the Pukapuka Rarotonga community, Kirianu (Dash) Nio said, the investiture of Aliki Makirai Henry is expected to be held next year on the island of Pukapuka.