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Te Maeva Nui awards recognise dedication and hard work of participating teams

Monday 7 August 2023 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Art, Entertainment, Features


Te Maeva Nui awards recognise dedication and hard work of participating teams
The exhilarating Atiu Enuamanu ura pau item thrilled the audience on Thursday night, the final night of performances at the annual Te Maeva Nui festival. MELINA ETCHES/23080619

The vibrant and culturally significant Te Maeva Nui festival, showcasing the rich heritage and traditions, reached its peak on Thursday – the last night of performances – at Te Are Karioi Nui National Auditorium.

The grand finale of the event was marked by the highly anticipated prizegiving awards at the closing ceremony on Friday. The closing ceremony also marked the nation’s 58th Constitution Day anniversary of self-government in free association with Aotearoa New Zealand.

The 2023 Te Maeva Nui awards recognised the dedication and hard work of the six participating teams.

For about four weeks, these teams have had many late nights rehearsing dance routines and drumming sequences, composing beats, lyrics and tunes, and making costumes – all for the love and pride of carrying the torch of Cook Islands culture.

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Cheers and screams of applause followed the announcement of the prizes and awards at Te Are Karioi Nui.

The awards contribute to the continued growth and development of cultural performing arts and ensure that Te Maeva Nui remains a highlight of the nation’s calendar.

Te Maeva Nui, which spanned over four days, delighted and thrilled spectators with exhilarating performances.


Te Maeva Nui 2023 results are as follows: Imene Pupu (Choir) A Category - Vaka Tereora (Tereora College), Te Fuinga o Niva (Manihiki Rakahanga), Atiu Enuamanu; B Category - Pukapuka Nassau wenua and Vaka Puaikura. Imene Tuki (Traditional Hymn) A Category - Pukapuka Nassau wenua, Te Fuinga o Niva, Vaka Tereora; B Category -Mangaia Enua, Vaka Puaikura, Atiu Enuamanu.  Ute (Traditional Singing) A Category - Vaka Tereora, Pukapuka Nassau wenua, Te Fuinga o Nova; B Category - Te Fuinga o Niva and Mangaia Enua. Pe’e (Traditional Chant) A Category - Vaka Puaikura and Vaka Tereora. Kapa Rima (Action Song) A Category - Vaka Tereora, Atiu Enuamanu and Vaka Puaikura; B Category - Pukapuka Nassau wenua and Mangaia Enua; Best Costume - 1st Atiu Enuamanu, 2nd Vaka Tereora, 3rd Vaka Puaikura. Ura pau (Drum Dance) A Category - Te Fuinga o Niva, Atiu Enuamanu and Vaka Tereora; Best Costume - 1st Atiu Enuamanu, Te Fuinga o Niva, 3rd Vaka Tereora.