New apartments for Club Raro

Monday 21 August 2017 | Published in Hot on the Rock


New apartments for Club Raro
The beginnings of the apartments being built. You can see the mountain of sand behind the construction. 17081715

If you regularly travel the road through Tupapa village, the big mound of sand on the old tennis court at Club Raro resort would have caught your eye.

The popular holiday spot has begun construction of new apartments to cater for the resort’s high occupancy rates.

Marketing manager Glenda Tuaine says with additional flights coming into Rarotonga and a correspondingly higher number of visitors, resorts such as Club Raro need to look at maximising their accommodation.

Tuaine says the tennis courts weren’t being used much, so owner Tom Hesketh decided to design 16 new units that will be similar size to resort’s poolside standard rooms.

Construction began a month ago, and Tuaine said Hesketh was keen on getting the build moving as quickly as possible.

“Understandably, because we are constantly full all the time.

“The resort operates with high level occupancy levels year-round. It’s a wonderful situation for a business to be in, but it also means that because of demand, sometimes you have to let people down.”

The resort occupies the two and half to three-star accommodation category, and Tuaine says they are happy with that.

“We have become increasingly popular with tourists who want to come here and don’t necessarily fixate so much on having Egyptian cotton sheets and all of that kind of jazz.

“We tend to get visitors who want a good, solid resort that’s good value for money and spend most of their days going out exploring and going on adventures.”

Obviously accommodation businesses have to show positive financial returns before their operators can start reinvesting back into them and Club Raro is well down this path, says Tuaine.

That was largely because it had repositioned itself to cater for its target market, she added.

“Big ups to our five-star properties, but we have to identify that our tourists are a mixed and varied bunch and because we are aware of our market, we can accommodate these people.”

“People appreciate it when we are honest about what we sell and don’t try to be something we are not.

“That’s where I think we are winning. We are just being really honest about the fact we are a two and a half to three-star resort.”

The building construction is scheduled to be completed by 2018 and Tuaine says the resort will be looking into providing extra parking to cater for the new developments.