Sowing seeds to little growers

Saturday 29 September 2018 | Published in Environment


Sowing seeds to little growers
Ministry of agriculture extension offi cer Brian Tairea encourages year 8 Apii Nikao students to grow their own vegetables, to eat, share and even sell them. 18092605

The Agricultural department deals in everything from pests and weeds to growing food.

“We are strong on biosecurity and are at the airport checking and stopping things coming in that we don’t want,” Ministry of agriculture extension officer Brian Tairea explained to Year 8 Apii Nikao students when they visited this week.

The students spent time in the plant propagation area, where they learned how to sow seeds and graft, and in the native nursery.

Tairea told the students that when land is cleared a lot of native growth is taken as well. “That’s okay because they are clearing to plant food, but we have to keep our native species up,” he says. The nursery provides a constant supply of native species.

“Food is expensive and you know how to grow it, we have the soil, the sun and water and with a little extra effort we can harvest and eat it, share it or sell it, or you can even make a career of it,” says Tairea to the students.

Apii Nikao Year 8 teacher Alex Breen says the school had a garden, but because of a new build it is now being moved closer to the kitchen, where there will be a natural flow between the food and the cooking of it.