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Miss Cooks NZ ‘stunning’ in her triumph

Tuesday 8 October 2019 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Entertainment


Miss Cooks NZ ‘stunning’ in her triumph
Miss Akatokamanava Terito Story was this week named Miss Cook Islands New Zealand 2019.

“I’m honoured and proud,” says Terito Story, after being crowned Miss Cook Islands New Zealand.

“It has been a stressful and long process.”

As Miss Akatokamanava, Story represented her family’s home island of Mauke in the Auckland pageant.

“To the beautiful and courageous contestants, what an honour to get to know you all along the way, we are all winners,” she said afterwards.

Naomi Dashwood, one of Story’s supporters, was absolutely ecstatic at her achievement.

“Terito was absolutely stunning, impressive and consistent in her performances in all of the major categories.

“I'm also super proud of our little group (Team Terito), each of the individual’s experience and expertise, contributed to the results we wanted – the crowning of Miss Akatokamanava, our ultimate goal.”

Contestants in the Miss Cook Islands New Zealand 2019 pageant, held at Te Puke O Tara Community Centre in South Auckland, were: Terito Story (Miss Akatokamanava) 1st, Ester Pekepo (Miss Takitumu) 2nd, Rebecca Enuake (Miss Mangaia) 3rd, Mary Vaikai (Miss Aitutaki), Kimberly Taoro (Miss Puaikura), Jasmine Tatari (Miss Nukuroa), Vogue Ponini-Pilisi (Miss Enuamanu), and Rebecca Enuake (Miss Mangaia).