Atui’anga Ki Te Tango kids wrap up top week

Saturday 26 January 2019 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Education


Atui’anga Ki Te Tango kids wrap up top week
Atui'anga Ki Te Tango kids cheerfully prep the Tiopu Kuru (breadfruit stew) at Avana. 19012428

Despite the rain the week-long Atui’anga Ki Te Tango (immersing in our Maori traditions/values) children’s cultural holiday programme ended with both the Takitumu and Te Au O Tonga branches preparing their last combined meal in good spirits yesterday.

Although the traditional umu was cancelled due to the wet weather, the kids cheerfully took part in the meal preparations, overseen by watchful patient eyes of the instructors.

The Avana Sunday school meeting house was a hive of activity with the production of: moina tai, moa taakari, tiopu kuru, varaoa popo, rukau, pana uto, kai natura, kapu akari with the little ones given the tasks of making raurau (woven kikau baskets).

The successful event closed with the presentation of genealogy speeches, singing of the national anthem, Imene tuki and the final prayer.