Editorial: Chinese strings, woodwinds and pipes

Friday 25 October 2019 | Written by Jonathan Milne | Published in Editorials


Editorial: Chinese strings, woodwinds and pipes
The celebration will be held at the National Auditorium. Picture: Ministry of Culture

This evening, families are invited to a free concert at the National Auditorium to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.

There, we can enjoy the nine-strong Chinese National Symphony Orchestra Chamber Ensemble performing Er Nie’s “Dance of the Golden Snake” and the Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto. I do wonder, though, whether the soaring soprano notes of Qiufeng Zheng’s “I love you China” may stick in the throats of some?

It comes as it emerges the government will pay Land Holdings a reported $17 million to replace water pipes laid by Chinese engineers. China wouldn’t return to fix its shonky work – so instead, it flicked Cook Islands a casual $10 mill compo and, it seems, nine classical musicians.

Will taxpayers be left to pick up the rest of the balance? Today, it looks like government is sending its own message back to Beijing, which won’t be lost on the visiting Chinese ambassador. The Government is to be represented by Robert Tapaitau – the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are both (conveniently) out of the country.

That’s how much Cook Islands loves China, right now.