Editorial: Beaky the whale picks ABs win

Monday 23 September 2019 | Written by Jonathan Milne | Published in Editorials


Britain’s Paul the Octopus accurately predicted 8 from 8 games at the 2010 FIFA World Cup by choosing food from flagged containers.

He did better than Mani, a rose-ringed parakeet who’d previously worked for a Singapore psychic: Mani got all the quarter-finals right and one semi, before crashing out in the second semi – just like the ill-fated Germans.

In 2016, Trump the shark swam 652 miles while Clinton the shark swam only 510, correctly anticipating the electoral college result.

In Japan, Olivia the 14-year-old parrot oracle has already correctly picked his home nation to beat Russia in the opening Rugby World Cup match.

There is a proud history of psychic animals forecasting major sports and politics results – and now, does Cook Islands have its own reader of the seaweed leaves?

Beaky the Whale yesterday wove his way around Muri lagoon, capturing the attentions of hundreds of onlookers. He headed south for some time in an apparent nod to our southern neighbours, the All Blacks.

But then, Beaky headed north-east out of the lagoon, his nose pointed towards the All Blacks’ next opponent, Canada. Or was he perhaps nudged in the direction of the US Eagles by his American rescuer, Nan Hauser?

When he got out into open sea, though, the choice was Beaky’s.

And without further ado, he pointed his long snout south towards New Zealand.