House of Ariki to meet with Koutu Nui

Saturday 10 October 2020 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Culture


House of Ariki to meet with Koutu Nui
President of the House of Ariki, Tou Ariki chairs the meeting. 20100947

The House of Ariki says consultations with the Koutu Nui will be planned to be held after the Cook Islands Games.

The traditional leaders met yesterday for discussions on the ongoing matters and their submission filed in Cabinet to abolish the Koutu Nui.

House of Ariki Minister George Angene, Minister of Tourism and Murienua MP Patrick Arioka, Tinomana Tokerau Ariki, Makea George Karika Ariki and Aronga Mana were also in attendance.

House of Ariki president, Tou Ariki said: “This House of the Ui Ariki is not political, this is the House to look after the welfare of our people, our traditions and our customs.”

Some of the views expressed during the meeting were – “the Koutu Nui are too much involved in politics because they oppose many of the government projects and are not looking at what is best for our people”. The leaders were alluding to the water project.

“After their (Koutu Nui) issues are discussed this should then be conveyed to the Ui Ariki in their vaka who will then take the matter to the House of Ariki; to get support it is best to work together.”

President of the Koutu Nui sub-chiefs Terea Mataiapo Paul Allsworth said their members were shocked when the submission to abolish their group was revealed.

Koutu Nui are the ‘kavana’, ‘mataiapo’ and ‘rangatira’ of the Cook Islands.