Weekend brings 14 arrests

Tuesday 8 January 2019 | Written by Rashneel Kumar | Published in Crime


Fourteen people were arrested and charged for violent behaviour, including domestic violence, and drunk-driving over the weekend.

The string of arrests took place from Friday to Sunday morning.

Cook Islands Police in a statement said four individuals appeared in court on Saturday with one man being remanded into custody on an assault charge. The assault charge was laid on Friday in relation to an earlier incident.

Two young males appeared on charges for an earlier incident of fighting in public.

Police said the downhill slide continued with an arrest of a man for assault on a female, and an investigation into a separate report of assault.

Police also arrested a person for an alleged theft and a disqualified driver was nabbed for being on the road. The latter appeared in court on Saturday and was penalised.

“In the early hours of the morning on Saturday, police arrested two drivers for being over the legal limit for alcohol. Three drivers were also forbidden from continuing,” the statement said.

Incidents of fighting and a separate domestic dispute also resulted in multiple arrests.

“A fight at the Vaka Shed in town led to the arrest of three young males. The domestic dispute brought charges of threatening, and assault. One person was arrested on a charge of wilful damage for a separate incident.

“Early on Sunday morning, another two drivers were arrested for being over the legal limit for alcohol.”

In contrast, police said the rest of Sunday through to yesterday morning was relatively peaceful with six tickets issued for minor driving infringements.

Meanwhile, a man is lucky to have escaped more serious injury after the van he was driving veered off the road at Matavera on Friday morning. The van smashed a wooden post before demolishing a power pole and colliding with a coconut tree. The driver required medical attention but sustained only minor injuries.

On Thursday last week, police were also alerted to a crash in Muri after a visitor driving a van pulled out onto the main road and was struck by a bus.

Last week police reported that the arrest of four motorists on Thursday night had brought the number of people facing - or about to face, drinking driving charges this year, to 14.

Cook Islands Police Service spokesman Trevor Pitt said police intended to keep up their strategy of mounting random checkpoints at various locations around the island during the holiday season.