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16 January 2021


Assaults lead to 17 charges

Friday 7 September 2018 | Published in Crime


Assaults lead to 17 charges
A total of 63 charges were scheduled to be heard in the High Court yesterday. 18090640

Fourteen individuals faced 17 separate charges for violent offences at the courthouse yesterday, appearing in front of Justice of the Peace Bernice Manarangi.

The charges included six counts of assaulting a female, six of common assault and one of assault with intent. There was also a single charge of fighting in public to be heard, as well as two male individuals facing three charges of threatening to kill.

One of the men, who had chosen to represent himself, had also been arrested for possession of an unregistered firearm.

These violent offences dominated yesterday’s court docket of 34 cases, which involved 63 separate charges in all.

A 25-year-old recidivist offender, well known to police, was also facing a single charge of performing an indecent act.

Following closely behind the assault cases were the driving-related offences, with 15 charges laid against 10 individuals in total. These included five counts of driving with excess breath alcohol, three counts of dangerous driving, three counts of careless driving (one causing injury), two counts of driving while disqualified, and one count each of failing to stop and refusing an evidential breath test.

Next were the theft and dishonesty-related cases, with six individuals facing 11 separate charges in total.

These included four counts of burglary, two counts each of theft, false accounting and forgery, and a single charge of being unlawfully found on a property.

A single individual was responsible for more than a third of the theft and dishonesty-related charges, with the man in question, represented by lawyer Wilkie Rasmussen, facing two counts of burglary and one count each of theft and being unlawfully found on a property, as well as three counts of contempt of court and two counts of breaching probation.