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Tupapa Young Rookies face Redbacks

Saturday 28 October 2023 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Cricket, Sports


The high flying Tupapa Young Rookies will face the Arorangi Redbacks at Raemaru Park in round six men’s cricket competition.

In other men’s matches, Nikao Black Wolves will take on Muri Creeps and Takuvaine Bats versus the Tupapa Panthers at Nikao Field. Turangi Young Guns will play Nikao 11 at Turangi Oval. In women’s division, Arorangi Red Hot Babes will battle Takuvaine Bats at Raemaru Park while Nikao Honey Wolves will face Muri Creeps at Nikao Field.



Round 1: Arorangi Redbacks vs Takuvaine Bats - TKV wins by 7 runs, Tupapa Panthers vs Turangi Young Guns - Turangi wins by 97 runs, Nikao 1-Black Wolves vs K-11 Orcas (Tupapa) -Nikao 1 wins by 73 runs, Muri Creeps vs Nikao 2- White Wolves – Nikao 2 wins by 3 wickets.

Round 2: Nikao 2 vs K-11 Orcas- K11 wins by 5 wickets, Muri Creeps vs Arorangi Redbacks – Arorangi wins by 55 runs, Takuvaine Bats vs Turangi Young Guns- Turangi wins by 178 runs, Tupapa Young Rookies vs Tupapa Panthers – Tupapa YR wins by 163 runs.

Round 3: K-11 Orcas vs Muri Creeps- K11 wins by 9 wickets, Nikao 2 vs Nikao 1- Nicko 1 wins by 182 runs, Arorangi Redback vs Tupapa Panthers- Arorangi wins by 5 wickets, Turangi Young Guns vs Tupapa Young Rookies – Tupapa YR wins by 68 runs.

Round 4: Tupapa Panthers vs Muri Creeps- Muri wins by 7 wickets, Turangi Young Guns vs Arorangi Redbacks- Turangi wins by 7 wickets, Takuvaine Bats vs K11 Orcas- K11 wins by 8 wickets, Nikao 1 vs Tupapa Young Rookies- Nikao wins by 33 runs.

Round 5: Tupapa Pnathers vs Nikao 1- Nikao 1 wins by 5 wickets, Muri Creeps vs Takuvaine Bats- Muri wins by 5 wickets, K-11 Orcas vs Turangi Young Guns- Turangi Young Guns wins by 32 runs, Nikao 2 vs Tupapa Young Rookies – Tupapa YR wins by 3 wickets.

Round 6: Arorangi Redbacks vs Nikao 2- Arorangi wins by 4 wickets, K-11 Orcas vs Tupapa Panthers- K11 wins by 2 wickets, Tupapa Young Rookies vs Muri Creeps- Tupapa YR wins by 76 runs, Nikao 1 vs Takuvaine Bats- Nikao 1 wins by 65 runs.