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Monday 24 June 2024 | Written by Solomone Taukei | Published in Sports, Touch Rugby


Touch finals get cultural twist
Team Soul Time.

Cook Islands Touch Association is excited to introduce a unique approach for the final’s series of the business house competition.

Inspired by the spirit of our 15 beautiful islands, CITA has infused cultural flair into three separate divisions this year.

The top two teams from Pool A and Pool B after standings of the round robin competition, will compete in the Mana division. The teams ranked third and fourth will play in the Moana division, and those ranked fifth and sixth will form the Toa division.

This structure ensures that every team remains competitive throughout the final’s series, with opportunities for consolation in each division. By choosing the names Toa, Moana and Mana, CITA reflects our cultural heritage while keeping the competition fresh and engaging.

CITA president Vou Williams remarked that the quarter finals were an exciting showdown on Monday between the three divisions.

Despite the competitiveness, there were plenty of smiles and laughter all-round. To kick off the day’s matches, the Toa Division games on fields 1 and 2 both ended with a score of 7-5. On field 1, CSB triumphed over Brew Crew, while Te Mavericks defeated Soul Time on field 2.

Field 1 also hosted an exciting Moana Division match between Poos & Wees and ICI Crew, which went into overtime. Veteran Andy Kapi led his young side, including Aiga Samania and Mavis Makara, in the drop-off. However, ICI Crew responded fiercely, pushing their opponents to the limit and securing a 1-point victory with a hard-earned try from Nia Remuera and teammates.

Standout players on field 1 included Paul Luiz from Brew Crew, who brought his trademark flair to the field with spectacular corner dives right from tap-off. Youngster Aiga Samania from Poos & Wees continued to perform well, making two try-saving touches during his team’s drop-off match. His determination and passion were evident in his contributions to his team.

On field 2, Vani Tovehi from Soul Time was also exceptional, not only in defending her wing line but also with receiving crucial long passes from teammates Tuffy and John Worry in the midfield, to put points on the board. Te Mavericks Ora, with the dynamic duo of rep players Rima Browne and Vou Williams, boosted their small team of just one substitute to secure a victory.

CITA continues to extend gratitude to all 12 teams for their enthusiasm and patience throughout the tournament. Appreciation also goes out to the dedicated officials for their consistent time and efforts each week. As teams prepare for the semi-finals on Monday (today), they will continue in their respective divisions, with each of the four teams having one final opportunity to compete for the top two places in the grand finals.

Results from Monday 17 June: Week 6 – Quarter Finals

Toa Division: CSB 7 & Brew Crew 5, Soul Time 5 vs Te Mavericks Ora 7. Moana Division: Poos & Wees 4 vs ICI Crew 5, Fibre Optics 8 vs Rock College 4. Mana Division: AIRNZ 3 vs KAPS 6, Air Raro 6 vs BCI 4