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Saturday 11 November 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Football, Sports


Referees return from successful course
Cook Islands Football referees Penina Katuke and John Pareanga are back in Rarotonga after attending the Elite Women’s Referee Program and Fitness Instructors Course, respectively, in New Zealand. CIFA MEDIA/23111004

Two of the Cook Islands Football referees returned on Thursday from a five-day trip to New Zealand, where one referee, Penina Katuke, had the opportunity to attend the OFC Elite Women’s Referee Program.

The programme, which ran for three days, aimed to improve both the fitness and technical skills of women referees participating from various countries.

The course consisted of fitness sessions tailored specifically to the needs of women referees, combined with technical theory sessions designed to enhance their understanding and interpretation of the Laws of the Game. This comprehensive approach allowed participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge in their officiating roles.

For Penina Katuke, this was her first experience participating in an international course. Under the guidance of Cook Islands FA Referee Director and FIFA Referee’s Instructor, Rakesh Varman, Katuke has made great strides in her career as a football referee. From her initial role as an assistant referee, she has successfully advanced to become a referee in her own right.

Katuke’s progress as a young female referee has been nothing short of outstanding, especially during the current Rarotonga Football Season. She now takes charge of Senior Women’s matches on a regular basis, displaying both confidence and competence on the field.

Varman expressed great satisfaction with Katuke’s progress thus far and notes that she has reached a positive milestone in her journey as a referee. Her pathway toward future endeavors in football looks more than promising, not only to her skills but also her dedication and perseverance in continually enhancing her abilities.

Another significant development for Cook Islands football, former FIFA Referee Assistant, John Pareanga, also recently completed a five-day trip to New Zealand. The purpose of his journey was to attend the Fitness Instructors Course in Auckland, a vital step in his new role as Cook Islands Football Fitness Instructor.

The course encompassed both practical and theoretical sessions designed to enhance Pareanga and other attendees’ knowledge and skills in various fitness aspects.

By attending this intensive program, Pareanga is now better equipped to guide developing referees towards achieving and maintaining higher levels of physical fitness.

As the Cook Islands Fitness Instructor, he has been entrusted with the responsibility of preparing aspiring referees for their duties on the pitch. This includes developing customised training programmes that ensure each individual reaches optimal physical fitness for their referee activities.

Pareanga will be working closely with Varman. Together, they will focus on ensuring that the referees’ fitness levels are at their best and that they are prepared to tackle the game’s demands, both locally and internationally.

This collaboration will also play a crucial role in preparing referees for OFC (Oceania Football Confederation) Tournaments held abroad. Participating in such events represents a fantastic opportunity for these officials to gain valuable experience and demonstrate their skills on a larger stage.

Katuke and Pareanga’s return from Auckland marks a significant milestone for football development within the Cook Islands. The expertise gained will undoubtedly contribute to elevating football standards across the region.

As Cook Islands Football Referees continue to develop their skills and international presence, events like this OFC Elite Women’s Referee Program and Fitness Instructors Course serve as an invaluable platform for growth. It equips these talented individuals with the tools they need to succeed at higher levels of competition while also representing their home country proudly.

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