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Tuesday 4 October 2022 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Sports


Close battle for gold medal
The Masters Women’s 100m medallists – Mitiaro’s Julz Westrupp winning gold, silver went to Aitutaki’s June George, and bronze Mangaia’s Elizabeth Munro. CISNOC/22100328

Making her mark for the first time in athletics is Mitiaro’s amazing all-rounder sports woman Julz Westrupp who competed in the Cook Islands Games 100 metres Masters Women’s race on Saturday.

A photo finish determined the neck to neck 100m final with Westrupp claiming gold with Aitutaki’s June George coming in second with silver and Mangaia’s Elizabeth Munro with the bronze.

“I won’t lie, I was lucky, we were neck to neck, I put my body/head over the line first… it was amazing,” said Westrupp.

Westrupp usually competes in team sports and had never competed in an individual event like athletics.

She had felt “a little nervous” and winning the 100m was pretty cool, she said “especially when the national anthem was sung” during the medal ceremony.

Westrupp trained and prepared herself for the event with the young Aurametua Vavia coaching her.

This year Westrupp is competing in: Athletics - Marsters, Handball - Marsters, Weightlifting - Marsters, 7s - Opens, Touch - Opens women (also coach), Soccer - Opens, Nines league - Opens and is coaching the Under-18s netball team.

Atiu’s swimming sensation Wesley Roberts recorded the fastest time in 1200 metre (1.2km) swim after clocking 14 minutes 58 seconds in the Cook Islands Games aquatics event yesterday.

Back on the rock for a break, Roberts has spent two weeks on his home island of Atiu before flying to Rarotonga to participate in the Games.

The 1200m swim was his first race in the ocean held at Muri lagoon. “I’m really happy with the results and it’s always good to win for Atiu,” said Roberts.

On Saturday, Roberts also competed in the athletics races at the National Stadium claiming silver in the 1500 metres run and silver in the 4x400m relay. Last night he was scheduled to compete in the 800m finals.

Aquatics will hold the Boiler Swim competition today at Trader Jacks and Roberts is hoping to break the record of 9:40 minutes.

The latest medal tally and results were not made available to Cook Islands News by the time this edition went to press last night. According to CISNOC the medal tally and official results will be available at 9am each morning.

At 9am yesterday, Mangaia led the open’s grade with nine gold, five silver and five bronze medals followed by Atiu with five gold, four silver and four bronze medals. Aitutaki placed third with four gold, four silver and five bronze medals.

The results for yesterday’s (Monday) Aquatics 1200m swim held at Muri beach are as follows.

Open Mens:1st Atiu - Wesley Roberts 14.58, 2nd Aitutaki - Tem Strickland 18.40,  3rd Aitutaki - Mike 19.25; Open Womens: 1st Aitutaki - Daniela Ardendorff 18.42, 2nd Aitutaki - Shelley 19.16, 3rd Mangaia Adrianna - 26.43. Masters Men: 1st Mangaia - Roland Neuruer 21.07, 2nd Mitiaro - Kevin Henderson 22.54, 3rd Atiu - Andrew 24.09; Masters Women: 1st Atiu - Serena Hunter 20.42, 2nd Mangaia - Bernadette 26.51, 3rd Manihiki - Lawrencia Williams 40.16. Under 18 Men: 1st Mitiaro - Darius Allsworth 18.26, 2nd Mangaia - Ioane 19.58; Under 18 Women: 1st Mangaia - Anais Moana Tierney Quirke 18.46, 2nd Mangaia - Esther 23.16, 3rd Rakahanga - Itirangi 25.28.

The results for the Women and Mens 50m free and 50m Back finals held on Saturday 1st October at Vaiana’s are as follows.

U14 Girls 50m Freestyle:1st Mitiaro - Evah Sosene, 2nd Atiu - Taraipoia Heather, 3rd Atiu - Esther Taokia; U18 Womens 50m Freestyle: 1st  Mangaia - Anais Moana Tierney Quirke, 2nd Mangaia - Esther Miller, 3rd Rakahanga - Itirangi Pennycook; Open Womens 50m Freestyle: 1st Aitutaki -  Daniela Ardendorff, 2nd Mangaia  - Rebecca Tangiataua, 3rd Aitutaki - Seychelle Carter; Masters Womens 50m Freestyle: 1st Mangaia - Rebecca Brown, 2nd Manihiki - Lawrencia Williams.

Under 14 Boys 50m Freestyle: 1st Rarotonga - Roma Tou, 2nd Mangaia - Taunga Miller, 3rd Rarotonga - Inane Manu. Under 18 Mens 50m Freestyle: 1st Mitiaro - Darius Allsworth, 2nd Mangaia -  Ioane Tierney, 3rd Mangaia - Finn Tierney Quirke; Open Mens 50m Freestyle: 1st Atiu - Wesley Roberts, 2nd Aitutaki - Tem Strickland, 3rd Mitiaro - Kanoa Kermode; Masters Mens 50m Freestyle: 1st Mangaia - Tim Tierney, 2nd Rarotonga - Marama Nicholas, 3rd Mitiaro - Kevin Henderson.

U14 Girls 50m Backstroke: 1st Mitiaro - Evah Sosene, Atiu - Traipoia heather, 3rd  Mangaia - Esther Taokia; U18 Womens 50m Backstroke: 1st Mangaia - Anai Tierney Quirke, 2nd Mangaia - Esther Miller, 3rd Rakahanga - Itirangi Pennycook; Open Womens 50m Backstroke: 1st Aitutaki - Daniela Adendorff, 2nd Mangaia - Rebecca Tangiataua, 3rd Aitutaki - Mackenzie Wichman; Masters Women 50m Backstroke: 1st Mangaia - Rebecca Brown, 2nd Manihiki - Lawrencia Williams.

U14 Boys 50m Backstroke: 1st Rarotonga - Roma Tou, 2nd Mangaia - Taunga Miller, 3rd Mangaia - Edmund Postrygacz; U18 Mens 50m Backstroke         : 1st Mitiaro - Darius Allsworth, 2nd Mangaia - Ioane Tierney, 3rd Mauke - Koru McDonald; Open Mens 50m Backstroke: 1st Atiu - Wesley Roberts, 2nd Aitutaki - Tem Strickland, 3rd Mitiaro - Tumuli Sosene; Masters Men 50m Backstroke: 1st Rarotonga - Marama Nicholas, 2nd Mitiaro - Kevin Henderson.              

Today Tuesday, the Aquatics Boiler Swim starts at 1pm at Trader Jacks and followed by the medal presentation. The Spear fishing competition is on again today as an exhibition sport starting at 6am to 12pm for weigh ins at Trader Jacks.

Today’s events: Basketball (National Indoor Arena) : 9am - 8pm; Darts (Tupapa Maraerenga Centre) 9am - 8.30pm; Handball (Nikao Beach Courts) 8am - 6.30pm; Lawn Bowls Semi-finals (Rarotonga Bowling Club) 5.30pm - 7.30pm; Squash (National Indoor Arena) 11am - 9pm; Tennis (Nikao Tennis Courts) 9am - 6pm; Weightlifting (National Auditorium) 8am - 4pm.