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Mokoroa breaks men’s high jump record

Thursday 6 October 2022 | Written by Caleb Fotheringham | Published in Athletics, Sports


Mokoroa breaks men’s high jump record
Mitiaro’s Nukumaea Mokoroa, right, with Rakahanga’s Piritau Nga and Edward Tepake Nga. CISNOC/22100520

The men’s high jump national record was broken during the Cook Islands Games this week. Mitiaro’s Nukumaea Mokoroa cleared the bar earlier this week at the National Stadium in Nikao recording 1.92 metres to beat the record by 3cm.

It was just one of the highlights from the two days of athletics competition on Saturday and Monday. 

Athletics wrapped up with 85 events, over four divisions with a total of 345 medals presented.

President of Athletics Cook Islands, Simone Fe’ao said it was a great start to the Games.

“Great weather out there which also means athlete wellbeing is important – athletes need to keep hydrated and fueled to avoid any medical issues,” Fe’ao said.

“A huge thank you to the 50 volunteer officials from Athletics Cook Islands and the community who enable this to happen and ensure the event runs smoothly.”  

Open results

Women 100 Meter Dash Open – Emma Papalii Mangaia 13.55, Silia Aunei Mauke 13.69, Jordayn Matutu Puka Puka 13.88; Men 100 Meter Dash Open – Daniel Tolosa Mangaia 11.13, Nathaniel Nabou Mangaia 11.36, Tikove Piira Puka Puka 11.55; Women 200 Meter Dash Open – Anzia Tere Mauke 27.90, Tehinnah Tatuava Mauke 28.01, Silia Nat Aunei National entry 28.53; Men 200 Meter Dash Open – Daniel Tolosa Mangaia 22.74, Nathaniel Nabou Mangaia 23.44, Tamaiva Mateariki Atiu 24.30; Women 400 Meter Run Open – Tehinnah Tatuava Mauke 1:06.75, Tatjiana Areai Mangaia 1:08.64, Danielle Simone Adendorf Aitutaki 1:09.12; Men 400 Meter Run Open – Daniel Tolosa Mangaia 53.34, Zarrian Heather-Rau Mangaia 55.95, Daniel Taokia Atiu 59.54; Women 800 Meter Run Open – Maya Postrycaz Mangaia 2:36.22, Tehinnah Tatuava Mauke 2:43.00, Scarlett Barnes Palmerston 2:48.90; Men 800 Meter Run Open – Rupeni Mataitoga Atiu 2:05.78, Wesley Roberts Atiu 2:19.47, Tuakanamoe Marsters Palmerston 2:28.37; Women 1500 Meter Run Open – Maya Postrycaz Mangaia 5:29.65, Scarlett Barnes Palmerston 5:43.75, Danielle Simone Adendorf Aitutaki 5:54.41; Men 1500 Meter Run Open – Rupeni Mataitoga Atiu 4:33.89, Wesley Roberts Atiu 4:47.06, Tuakanamoe Marsters Palmerston 5:26.18; Women Long Jump Open – Estelle Short Rakahanga 4.55m, Tatjiana Areai Mangaia 4.51m, Nicol Tiaore Rarotonga 4.33m; Men Long Jump Open – Piritau Nga Rakahanga 6.21m, Nukumaea Mokoroa Mitiaro 6.09m, Edward Tepake Nga Rakahanga 6.03m; Women High Jump Open – Tatjiana Areai Mangaia 1.55m, Esther Mona-Liza David Aitutaki 1.46m, Aniva Pierre Mauke 1.40m; Men High Jump Open – Nukumaea Mokoroa Mitiaro 1.92m, Piritau Nga Rakahanga 1.82m, Zarrian Heather-Rau Mangaia 1.70m; Women Shot Put Open – Emma Papalii Mangaia 11.17m, Sharne Pupuke Robati Rakahanga 11.00m, Samantha Lockington-Toto Mangaia 10.23m; Men Shot Put Open –

Elijah Poila Mangaia 13.39m, John Penu Rarotonga 12.66m, Mau George Aitutaki 12.61m; Women Discus Throw Open – Ana Ellison-Lupena Mangaia 37.54m, Tamira Metuangaro Atiu 33.25m, Emma Papalii Mangaia 30.36m; Men Discus Throw Open – Metuaiviivi Tepai Mangaia 43.29m, Elijah Poila Mangaia 42.16m, Daniel Tutai Aitutaki 36.04m; Women Javelin Throw Open –

Samantha Lockington-Toto Mangaia 33.93m, Tatiana Linda Naomi Sher Aitutaki 30.72m, Tamira Metuangaro Atiu 26.47m; Men Javelin Throw Open –Willynn Karika Aitutaki 46.88m, Hiwian Ngaro Puka Puka 46.52m, Leki Vahefoou Atiu 44.64m; Men 4x100 Meter Relay Open – Puka Puka 'A' 45.63, Atiu 'A' 46.68, Manihiki 'A' 48.66; Women 4x400 Meter Relay Open – Aitutaki 'A' 4:51.15, Mauke 'A' 4:56.35, Mangaia 'A' 5:19.60; Men 4x400 Meter Relay Open – Mangaia 'A' 3:44.58, Atiu 'A' 3:47.14, Puka Puka 'A' 3:58.93; Women 4x100 Meter Relay Open – Mauke 'A' 54.59, Aitutaki 'A' 57.94, Mitiaro 'A' 59.98.