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LETTERS: Prices on the rise

Thursday 22 September 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Prices on the rise

Dear Editor,

There will be more increases as we progress ahead. The bakery is not to be blamed. All around the globe is terrible since the war between Ukraine and Russia and Covid-19. It’s not only us in the Cook Islands who are affected, its New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world too.

During campaign time nothing was mentioned about (incoming) price increases. Now it’s coming out one by one. What’s next? Nobody wants any price increases but what can we do. Nothing. Just adjust life to a budget that suits you to survive and pray to the Almighty God for needs. God bless you all.

Tua Rangi Mokotua


It’s always going to be a love/hate relationship this carb thing with us islanders amongst a few staple foods we have but so is the costs of everything. Don’t hold back, business is business, everyone’s going to feel the pinch somewhere if not bread. Love your work and keeping employment viable and on the island

Ann Flanagan


Perhaps the government could legislate so that all appliances imported need to be energy efficient or at very least insist that the energy ratings are posted on the appliances (like New Zealand) so at least people can be more informed. Supporting the uptake of very efficient LED lighting would also be very ‘low hanging fruit’ and would save a lot of energy for very little cost and effort.

Doug Hesp


I believe that the people involved in this BS price rise is just following what NZ is doing and don’t have other options in resolving this issue. Everyone is blaming the Russia and Ukrainian conflict as an excuse for the price rise. Also the excuse about the fuel rise. I will say this again, that the fuel we receive does not come from Russia or Ukraine. It comes from Fiji, and Fiji gets their fuel from Australia, and Australia gets their fuel from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. If anyone want confirmation can you please contact the owner of the petrol company that imports our fuel. So stop this issue that our product comes from Ukraine or Russia. People this is a scam.

Taruia Ringiao


Reply – I think you have no idea how supply chains work. Russia is one of the biggest producers of oil in the world. So when their supply is stopped (i.e. because of the war) the total oil worldwide that is available decreases. Yet the demand for it does not decrease. So other countries offer more money for the fuel they can get (i.e. Middle East fuel) and in general fuel becomes more and more expensive. Thus, although we make no purchases from Russia, the oil market in general across the whole world is negatively affected by the sudden absence of a huge source of oil.

Mike Linda Crosby