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Letter: Our laws and ribbon cutting ceremonies

Thursday 20 July 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Letter: Our laws and  ribbon cutting  ceremonies

Dear Editor, On any drive on the main road we all see motorcyclists with helmet straps hanging loosed and unconnected.

Our police officers must see this as well. A quick u-turn and a $250 citation. Twenty a day is $5000. Ten days is $50,000. That will pay for some coffee and biscuits for the tea room no doubt.
Our laws share something in common with our ribbon-cutting ceremonies for new and refurbished buildings. We’re famous for the ceremony, fancy dress, tables laden with kai. And we’re infamous for what so many such buildings look like five years later. Sad to say the least.
The helmet law was long and hard-fought with motorbike rental companies predicting loss of income from tourists who would not rent a moto if they had to wear a helmet. And what does CI News report on Wednesday? “Peak tourism season” with those tourists lining up for moto driving licenses.

(Name and address supplied).