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Tata Crocombe: Enhancing visitor accommodation services with artificial intelligence

Thursday 11 May 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Editorials, Opinion


Tata Crocombe: Enhancing visitor accommodation services with artificial intelligence
The Rarotongan managing director Tata Crocombe. PHOTO: CI NEWS/20032050

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the tourism industry, and the Cook Islands’ visitor accommodation services can benefit from the cutting-edge AI technology of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, writes hotelier Tata Crocombe.

With ChatGPT, hotels, resorts, motels, and holiday homes can enhance their operations, improve their customer services, and make data-driven decisions to increase their revenue.

Here are some examples of how ChatGPT can benefit the visitor accommodation industry in the Cook Islands:

Immediate Impacts: ChatGPT can improve customer support through AI-powered chatbots that can provide immediate responses to guest inquiries, allowing staff to focus on more complex requests. For instance, guests can use ChatGPT-powered chatbots to book a room, inquire about amenities, or request recommendations on local attractions. ChatGPT can also help visitor accommodation services create and send personalised communications to their guests, such as welcome messages, special offers, or thank you notes.

Short-term Impacts (12 months): ChatGPT can help streamline guest communication channels, making it easier for visitors to obtain information and resolve issues. For instance, ChatGPT can assist with check-in and check-out procedures, provide automated responses to frequently asked questions, and offer support for guests with special needs. ChatGPT can also aid in creating marketing materials such as brochures and social media content, which can save time and effort in the marketing process.

Medium-term Impacts (3 years): ChatGPT can improve visitor accommodation services’ decision-making processes by providing data-driven insights. For instance, ChatGPT can analyse guest feedback and reviews, extract valuable information, and provide recommendations for improving service quality. ChatGPT can also assist in predicting guest behaviour, such as identifying trends in guest preferences, booking patterns, and customer demographics. This can help visitor accommodation services plan their operations, marketing strategies, and revenue management.

Conclusion: ChatGPT is a transformative technology with opportunities for the Cook Islands’ visitor accommodation industry. It has the potential to enhance the delivery of services, increase productivity, and improve guest experiences immediately and in the short and medium term. As ChatGPT and other LLMs continue to evolve, they are likely to have a significant impact worldwide, shaping the future of the tourism industry. The Cook Islands has a unique opportunity to embrace this technology, unlocking the potential for innovation and growth in the visitor accommodation sector.

  • Tata Crocombe is the owner of The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Lagoonarium, Sanctuary Rarotonga and Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort. The views expressed in this article are his and do not reflect the views of this newspaper.