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Over 120 pigs and goats dewormed in Rarotonga

Wednesday 19 June 2024 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Health, Local, National


Over 120 pigs  and goats dewormed in Rarotonga
Secretary for Agriculture Temarama Anguna-Kamana

Livestock deworming is the most requested assistance made to the Ministry of Agriculture from livestock farmers and so far, over 120 pigs and goats have been dewormed in Rarotonga.

In April this year, the ministry conducted livestock deworming for pigs and goats on the island promoting the welfare and health of livestock.

Head of Agriculture Temarama Anguna-Kamana said the programme was for Rarotonga only (Puaikura, Te Au O Tonga and Takitumu).

“We conducted this programme as from the services provided to our livestock owners, this is the most requested assistance that we receive from farmers. We provided this service FOC – free of charge,” Kamana-Anguna said.

She said over 120 pigs and goats were dewormed across the three Vaka starting from April 8 to May 10 this year.

Anguna-Kamana said that the programme dewormed livestock for five owners in Puaikura, 10 in Te Au O Tonga and 10 in Takitumu.

She said the programme is an initiative to support farmers and to advocate the importance of animal welfare and health.

The programme also educates farmers on better livestock management practices such as providing regular feed and water, maintaining hygiene around the pens or designated areas where animals are tethered, and ensuring access to shelter from sun and rain.

“By encouraging farmers to manage their livestock properly rather than depending on medication, we reduce the risk of livestock building resistance to medication,” Anguna-Kamana said.

She added that the programme was also an opportunity for the ministry's newly certified paravets to maintain their skills by putting them into practice.

The last deworming programme in Rarotonga was conducted in 2021 and the programme complements other services carried out by the Ministry with livestock.