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Highest EBA reading recorded in five years: Police

Thursday 30 March 2023 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Crime, National


Highest EBA reading recorded in five years: Police
Police are cracking down hard on drink driving. FILE/21011013

Cook Islands Police have recorded the highest reading of excess breath alcohol in at least five years, says media spokesperson Trevor Pitt.

This comes after police arrested a drunk driver at Nikao on Saturday morning. The driver’s breathalyser reading was 1340 micrograms per litre of breath – nearly six times over the legal limit.

Pitt said there was a reading about five years ago that was 1400mcg, but since then, police have been utilising a different database system.

“And this latest high is holding the record of more recent years.”

He said that back then the limit was 400mcg/L - reduced to 250mcg in March 2020.

“These extreme test results are being released in the public interest.  The community needs to know the extent to which Police are dealing with drunk drivers, and how far the drinking is being abused every week. 

“This behaviour is skirting tragedy, which we have so far been fortunate enough to avoid.  Such drivers are putting us all at risk on the road and the public needs to be aware of it,” he said.

He said that Police may well consider publishing the names of convicted drivers, particularly those who have been disqualified (DQs). 

“At present, only the Police are acutely aware of this long list, which means we are limited to our own personnel in detecting any breaches.  If these drivers were publicised, the entire community would be in a position to act as a watchdog.”


Corey Numa on 30/03/2023

After locking everyone up for 2 years to prevent them from becoming "sick", there have been larger issues at play, namely excessive consumption of alcohol and mental health of our youth and elders. Luckily if you are going to follow the patterns seen in AU & NZ, people are realising the 2 years of sitting down drinking whilst being paid from Govt's, was not a good idea, and starting to clean up their acts. Hopefully this prevails in the islands, or real health issues will follow.