FBI, NIKS power through

Wednesday 3 April 2019 | Published in Touch Rugby


FBI and NIKS are through to Bluesky Touch women’s competition final after nail-biting semi-finals on Monday at Nikao Field.

In the opening semis, competition leader FBI kicked off with three players, the minimum number of players required to start a game, and through good settles scored to get the first points on the board.

Their fourth team member arrived just as the first try was scored and FBI continued the first half with four players to Bounty Hunters full compliment. FBI doing it hard, played smartly in the first half to get as much points on the board leading into half time 4-0.

In the second half, Bounty Hunters took advantage of a tiring FBI team and clawed their way back into the game, scoring most of their tries out wide from overlaps to level the match 5-all.

The game went into extra time in a drop off with FBI in possession of the ball. FBI’s Daphne Brown and Rima Moekaa drove the ball up to five metres to get FBI into a scoring position.

A pass to Rima Browne saw her take a quick settle to catch the Bounty defence off side giving Rima the opportunity to scoop and throw a long ball to sister Kura Moekaa to score in the corner. FBI managed to hold on to win 6-5.

The second women’s semifinal was also an excellent game between the much improved NIKS and Nukz Power.

The game was played at a fast pace with NIKS taking the early lead but a hungry mighty Nukz came back and went into the lead by one try.

However, just on full time, a runaway try from Pamela Williams got the NIKS back into the game equalising the match 4-all.

The game then went into drop off to determine a winner.

NukzPower came with a big drop off and drove the NIKS to their try line but were unable to capitalise on their six touches.

With ball in hand, the NIKS worked hard with driving settles to get them into the five-metre zone where a pass to Pamela Williams saw her step the defence and run the gap to score the winning try.

Bounty Hunters will play Nukz Power in the 3rd/4th playoff.

Meanwhile in the opening Bluesky men’s match, GAT and the young Team ATT displayed a fast and exciting game.

Team ATT were able to set themselves up on the five metre to see young Terry Peraua dive for two impressive tries.

GAT had to work hard to hold onto their lead to win the game 7-6.

It was an easy win to Germinators over the 9 Squad.

The last men’s game of the night saw Germinators play its second game against the improving Kuki Squad.

Despite the best efforts, Germinators were just too strong and fast for the Kuki Squad ladies, winning 6-0.

- CI Touch


FBI 6 Bounty Hunters 5, Nukz Power 4 NIKS 5, GAT 7 Team ATT 6, Germinators 5 Nines Squad 0, Germinators 6 Kuki Squad 0


5pm Field 1 Tereora-Touch Squad (mx), Field 2 ICI Transformers-General Transport (mx); 5.30pm Field 1 007-Airport (mx), F2 Team ATT-Bluesky (mx); 6pm Field 1 KAPS-Mangaia (mx)