No shortage of tuna off Aitutaki

Friday 25 May 2018 | Published in Outer Islands


Rarotonga may be suffering from a shortage of fish, but fish aggregating devices (FADs) seem to be doing the trick in Aitutaki.

Aitutaki fisherman Brothers Ua hauled in a total of six tuna during a trip last week, the largest of which weighed in at 94kg.

Aboard his boat Kamia, Ua left on a “routine fishing trip”, travelling to the west of Aitutaki.

About four kilometres out to sea, Ua discovered a flock of birds in the area.

He cast his line and struck fish immediately

Ua struck large tuna and apparently even had double strikes, landing both fish.

He boasts that his fishing technique is “best to none” and claims to have reeled in most of the tuna within 30 minutes of hooking up.

It took around six hours for Ua to bring in all of the fish.

The largest of the six tuna “went off the scale” upon being weighed by fisheries officers.

The weight of the fish varied from 60kg to 94kg.

The six tuna had a combined weight of 510kg.

Senior Fisheries Officer and Manager of the Aitutaki Marine Research Centre Richard Story congratulated Ua for his good catch.

The fisherman reminded people that the Ministry of Marine Resources provides a fuel subsidy for local fishermen.

They say this has been a huge help to a lot of them, but acknowledge that this assistance only goes to those who provide data from their trips.