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LETTER: ‘Monsters on the loose’

Thursday 29 December 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTER: ‘Monsters on the loose’

Dear Editor, It appears to me that there are at least two monsters on the loose in Rarotonga right now. The first is the father of a five-year-old who beat his child (Child slapped, thrown to the ground in ‘serious’ assault, Cook Islands News, December 22). In no way can anyone justify beating a five-year-old, let alone with such brutality. Cook Islands News said the child was “slapped”. But it appears to me that much more violence and force may have been used than was reported.

Reading the article suggested to me that other more forceful words would have more adequately used to describe the likely force used by this father in his rage. And then to drag the poor little fellow along the ground, before picking the poor defenceless child above his head and hurling him to the ground is an incredible act of savagery and ferocity.

No-one has reported on the sheer terror that this child must have felt as he was running to escape his enraged father.

JP Whitta clearly appreciated that the lack of medication argument used by the defence was hard to accept. This was a savage and brutal assault on a child, who was in no position to defend himself. The perpetrator of this violent act has apparently had a letter from his wife, asking the court for leniency. And apparently he has undertaken counselling. Wow! I bet that makes the brutalised son feel a whole lot better. But the perpetrator also admitted that this is how he disciplines his children. It’s an incredible admission, and in my opinion, there is no place on this island for the likes of him or his attitude.  

Has anyone written a support letter for this five-year-old? With seven children already in Kiribati, and three here in Raro, clearly this “man” does not use the head on his shoulders to do his thinking. In my opinion, the only “slap” in this whole terrible story is the limp-wristed slap that “justice” gave the defendant, while letting him off the hook so lightly.

Despite the difficulties in this case which JP Whitta had to deal with, in my opinion the man should have been sent to prison for a term, and then deported! Draw a line with regard to extenuating circumstances.

The second monster appears to me to be a Justice system that does not look after the helpless, the young and those unable to defend themselves. Both sides involved in this case admitted how outrageous and serious this assault was.

If the law doesn’t look out for them … who or what will?

Andy Olah