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LETTER TO EDITOR: Homosexual Law reform remains in limbo

Friday 9 December 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTER TO EDITOR: Homosexual Law reform remains in limbo

‘Science shows us that people are born LGBTQ+’

Science shows us that people are born LGBTQ+. Everyone’s sexual orientation is caused by the interplay of genetics and prenatal hormones. People should not be illegal for existing, especially when the main reason for thinking it to be wrong, is based on flawed translations, a misunderstanding of the cultural contexts from the ancient near eastern world, combined with western cultural understandings.

A comparison of biblical translations over time shows how the translations were inspired more by Western beliefs at the time of the translation than on the actual Hebrew and Greek.

Not everyone is born XX or XY, male or female. Some people are born intersex. Also sometimes a biological male has an XX genotype and sometimes a biological female has an XY genotype, even though it is usually the other way around. Sometimes people only have one X chromosome and nothing with it. Biology is more complicated than most people think.

All mammals are born with the possibility of being born either male or female thanks to the Wolffian and Müllerian ducts. Hormones that our bodies produce help determine what the outcome will be, but it doesn’t always happen “according to plan”.

How different parts of the brain are formed is also affected by hormones, the timing of the hormone release and androgen absorbers. Because the default for all mammals is to be attracted to males, if any one of those three factors are off, the person will be attracted to males regardless of their sex. If all three are present in proper amounts, the person will be attracted to females regardless of their sex. Intermediate situations lead to bisexuality. This is true in animals as well as humans, which is why we see homosexuality throughout nature, including an estimated 8 per cent of rams.

As a PhD in biological anthropology, I suggest you might want to take some uni-level biology papers so that you don’t continue to spread incorrect information regarding biology.

Biology is more complicated than people realise. There are more than two biological sexes, biological sex does not inherently determine sexual orientation or gender identity. All three result from separate but overlapping biological processes. As such, varying combinations can exist and none exist in simple binary biological categories, even if cultures frame their as binaries.

Regardless, science does not lend support to those who wish to discriminate against others because of biological differences.

Patrick Chapman


Te Tuhi Kelly on 18/12/2022

Science tells us that women have children and men make babies. That's the definition of a man and a woman. One does not need a PhD to arrive at this conclusion for the majority of people on God's own. One cannot choose one's biological sex, but one can choose one's gender. Until or unless one decides to become LBGTQ or whatever gender one wishes to be, you will be born male or female or intersex.