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LETTERS: ‘Keep Raro clean and green’

Monday 11 July 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


LETTERS: ‘Keep Raro clean and green’

Dear Editor, the plastic bottles on the island are astonishing.

There must be something to recycle them into, same with glass it can be crushed and reused for plenty of stuff. It can even be added to the seal for the roads ground and added to cement mix.

We’ve been here a month and have continuously picked up rubbish around overflowing bins at Blackrock – lots of tourists, lots of rubbish and waste. I’m sure plenty of other ideas out there, get together and get them going. Keep your island paradise clean and green

Grant Mcliskey


An Environmental Management Plan for Waste Management should be in place by now. A recycling infrastructure for materials just needs to be implemented or a contingency plan so waste can be minimised.

My understanding is that no one pays levies on water, water waste, for domestic and corporate rubbish rates in the Cook Islands which needs to be addressed immediately!

Maybe the landowners need to get together and plan this with the government? If there are costs … then those leasing lands out (to businesses producing more corporate rubbish/waste) need to bear the brunt of the costs. Just saying.

Tongia Bob Nicholls Paiti


Of course, there is a real concern for Rarotonga regarding waste. It’s time to off load some of these challenges to the Pa Enua. The motherland Rarotonga has been feeding the Cook Islands for over 57 years and she needs help. She’s tired of babysitting the entire country. Take tourism to the Pa Enua is a solution for Rarotonga and for all. Bring it to the second biggest island Mangaia if you don't mind. Keep the faith eou!

Ngametua Pokino


‘Crazy’ airfares

The Cook Islands are a sovereign island of New Zealand with Cook Islanders also holding NZ passports. There should absolutely be affordable air passage between the Cooks and NZ at all times. I do notice however that there is still currently only one flight a day, so until they put on more flights the crazy pricing is not likely to be fixed. Hopefully this is addressed by Air New Zealand in the coming months, they do need to sort the staffing issue they have and shortage of pilots to have a long-term solution. Fingers crossed.

Nicole Pye


Anti-corruption strategy

Sad state of affairs. Leadership serving themselves. Definitely need an independent (person) to do this job, that means someone with no connection to anyone in leadership.

The beast has reared its head, options in the past have been to sweep it under the carpet. So please, let’s push for an enquiry to allow for transparency and accountability. Taking into consideration all future generations not just the ones who are related. Call it for what it is! Then move forward.

Repeka George-Koteka