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Local students explore career horizons at ‘Think Big’ expo

Friday 14 June 2024 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Education, Local, National


Local students explore career horizons at ‘Think Big’ expo
Puna Hiro of Ministry of Agriculture talks to the students. NATASHA DATT/24061322

Rarotonga students gathered at the National Auditorium yesterday for the 2024 Careers Expo, eager to explore the diverse career options offered by government and private agencies.

Over 21 exhibitors from different government and private sector organisations set up their booth at the event.

Speaking on the theme, Secretary for Education Owen Lewis said: “The ‘Think Big’ theme is all about empowering our young people to dream ambitiously and recognise the boundless opportunities available to them.”
“We want them to approach their futures with creativity, passion, and a determination to make a positive impact on our islands and beyond.”:

Azaliyah Wichman, a level one Tereora College student, attended her first Careers Expo and said she found it cool and learnt a lot of new things.

Wichman said the expo was helpful and informative and she looked forward to attending next year’s event.

Isaiah Matau also from Tereora College said the expo was interesting and he was excited to attend it.

Apii Avarua teacher Marie Williams said the expo was one of the things that students from her school look forward to every year.

“To see what different careers are out there, but more so, I think for our younger ones, it’s knowing who these people actually are,” Williams said.

“They learn more about plumbing and all the different things that they can do.

“I think it’s a great thing for them. At a young age, it gives them a chance to start thinking about the different careers that they have, like exploring their career pathways.”

Williams said the Year 6 Apii Avarua students attended the expo.

Imanuela Akatemia’s Ngeremetua John said while the expo was good for the students, she believes there should be more art added to it.

“Add more to it, like for example, for designs, because some of our students are into art craft, if they can add that onto the expo it will be nice.”

Ryan Donovan, a volunteer with Volunteer Services Abroad and Te Ipukarea Society, was at the career booth representing both the organisations and talked about some of the careers in the conservation and environmental space.

“It’s fantastic to see some great enthusiasm from the students about the environmental space, which is so important to the Cook Islands,” Donovan said.

“The expo is fantastic. It’s great to have such a variety of organisations here, and some great interest from the kids across the board.

“Kids are fantastic, really enthusiastic and it’s great to see them interested in such a wide range of careers, potential careers. And it’s great to listen to them talk about the subjects that they’re interested in. And there’s a great deal of enthusiasm.”