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5 December 2020

Tuna never tasted so good

Wednesday 18 March 2020 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Weekend


Tuna never tasted so good
Underwater footage shows Cole Harrison battling the sharks. 20031756

Think you had a tough day at the office? Cole Harrison had to work even harder for his dinner.

At least 30,000 fishing fans around the world are watching compelling footage of a diver fighting three sharks for the tuna he speared off an island in the Cook Islands.

Cole Harrison has posted the footage online of three sharks snapping and struggling over the dogtooth tuna.

The American, 29, stopped off in Cook Islands, as part of a 2,000 mile trip between Tahiti and Fiji on his yacht Heritage.

He filmed underwater as three sharks gathered on his fish and began tugging at it. To some of our local fishermen, the battle for a tuna may not be unusual – but what sets it apart is that it was caught on a high-definition camera.

To viewers around the world, it has proved extraordinary. “Epic” says one fan; “awesome” says another. “Wrestled from sharks and all on film, I salute you,” says a third.

Harrison says: “So many sharks to compete with, fortunately I was able to get this fish and everyone in the boat.”

The video shows him pulling it closer to the surface. The sharks follow, coming within a couple of metres of him and the fish he has in his grasp. Harrison surfaces, calling: “I need the boat.”

The sharks take huge bites out of his catch before the team is able to pull the tuna into the boat.

“We got one,” Harrison calls. “We had to battle the sharks. They taxed me a little bit. Plenty of meat to go around!”

Harrison explains the sharks don't have much experience of people, and they aren't shy coming at him.

Harrison is an experienced spearfisher, and says it was fortunate that everything worked out. He told the Daily Mail he had only a very small window to take the fish away from the sharks.