Cook Islands waiting for rain

Thursday 11 February 2016 | Published in Weather


Cook Islands waiting for rain
Ominous grey misty cloud sitting around Ikurangi. 16021018

Everyone who has been dreading the heat of the past few days, and keeping a close eye on the clouds up on the mountains around Ikurangi, can expect rain showers in the next few days.

This comes after the Cook Islands Meteorological Service referred to the cloud as the stratus clouds that are low lying.

Meteorological staff said the clouds that look like fog from afar have also caught the attention of the weather office team

“Those stratus clouds are unvarying grewy clouds and can be formed when a layer of air is cooled from below to its dew point temperature and water vapor condenses into liquid droplets in this case it is mostly due to the heat in the mountains where there is an evaporation of moisture.

He said the clouds look like a layer of fog that never reaches the ground, and they have been keeping an eye on this for days waiting for the rain, but it has not rained yet.”

He said the heat being faced on the islands at the moment is the cause of the El-Nino pattern that is witnessed by other Pacific Nations as well.

Rarotonga recorded 31 degrees yesterday compared to 32 degrees on Tuesday.

Meanwhile; in regards to the current tropical depression that’s passing Fiji at the moment, the Meteorological staff said that the current track is far much to the west and is not expected to reach the Cook Islands.

He said the Cook Islands is on the safe side as Fiji faces heavy rain alerts and flooding for Tropical Depression O9.

According to the Fiji Meteorological Office as stated by the Cook Islands Meteorological Service, the Southern Cook Islands weather situation shows a trough with northerly winds flowing over the Southern Cooks with associated clouds and showers moving to the southwest of the group.The southern Cooks forecast sees midnight occasional showers and few thunder storms.

The Northern Cooks forecasts shows a moist easterly wind flowing and further outlook for the week shows occasional showers and thunderstorms for Rarotonga.

Fiji Meteorological service states tropical depression TD09f[997hpa] was analyzed near 15.6s 171.2e or about 710km west-northwest of Nadi at 10.23am yesterday posing no direct threat to Fiji, but the associated cloud and rain affects the group. - LC

Kia Orana Values extolled

The essence behind true Cook Islands customer service starts with a simple ‘Kia Orana’.

The words ‘Kia Orana’ are the two words that have been sown into the hearts of every true Cook Islander for generations, and is all that’s needed to ensure the recipient gets a glimpse into a true Cook Islands experience, Cook Islands style.

CINews had the opportunity to participate in the first day of the ‘Kia Orana Service, Customer Service Training Programme’ offered by CITTI in Ngatangiia and can vouch without argument that the course is very relevant and necessary to all those with a passion for the survival of our Cook Islands culture.

The first day’s programme was tailored around three major areas; Kia Orana Values, an introduction of customer service and the effectiveness of communication.

Course facilitator Michelle Williams-Mitchell through her presentation touched on many valuable points as to the importance of good customer service, but more importantly using good customer service skills to become good hosts the Cook Islands way.

Basically applying simple values and principles to core areas of ones work place, and having significant positive impacts on the overall performance of a business or agency.

Examples of relevant core values would be that modelled by the Cook Islands Tourism Industry through their ‘Kia Orana Values’ Project; 1. Kia Orana – may you live long and fulfilling lives, 2. Meitaki – here everything is good and well and 3. Mana Tiaki – we are proud guardians of these islands.

The Kia Orana Values project captures and reflects the aspirations of the Cook Islands people for the islands with the intention to share positive experiences of all three combined values with visitors and the rest of the world.

Part of the days course was to encourage individuals from all across the country to adopt values that support their business or agencies goals and purpose, but rather engage in foreign methods of execution, revert back to Cook Islands traditions, culture and methodology, encouraging a Cook Islands experience in the process.

Part two of the days course was focused on effective communication and leadership styles and learning how customer service plays a key role to the success of any business or organisation not just here in the Cook Islands but throughout the world.

Simple and effective communication techniques that could determine whether customers returns or not are ones such as; eye contact, verbal acknowledgement, body language, and common courtesies.

“When you communicate you can either speak or listen” says Mitchell. “Most people do not listen with the intent to listen, most people listen with the intent to reply.”

“We all know what is required to deliver exceptional customer service, but we don’t do it.”

Statistics show that 55 per cent of effective communication is based on body language. 35 per cent is based on tone and 7 per cent is based on the words that you say. - SM