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Letter: Rarotonga roads

Saturday 8 April 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Letter: Rarotonga roads

Big and humungous meitaki maata once again to our road workers for consistently extending nice and smooth hot mixed tarsealed roads, the longest and farthest so far, especially from as far as Avana and fast passing Tupapa Super Brown.

Thank you for sparing a clearly marked one metre space on both sides of the road for us cyclists and wished motorcyclists could move into those lanes when motorists are queueing up behind them.

My highest and biggest meitaki atupaka is to roadside landowners for creating and leaving a lifetime legacy behind for their children of today and tomorrow to rise up and say – “Our Papa and Mama gave that special piece of our land for the extension of our main, back and inroads which if they hadn’t, others probably would not have given theirs either”.

It just goes to show how a lifetime sacrificial sharing can be the most impactful and notable Godly care another lifetime. Can’t wait to see our all-round Rarotonga main, back and in-roads be the best ever. Raro4BetaRoads!

Bishop Tutai Pere