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Wednesday 5 October 2022 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Health, National


Cook Islands Child Welfare Association celebrates 89 years
The Mangaia Child Welfare team, Stephanie Piti (left), Doreen Moekapiti, Mitch Nooroa and Emma Tangikara. 22092813

Paunu Day is when a child’s growth, development and general wellbeing is monitored in village clinics to track their health and development.

Run by the Cook Islands Child Welfare Association (CICWA), last week the organisation celebrated its 89th birthday year of being active in the communities, conducted a capacity building workshop and held its Executive Committee elections.

Child Welfare members from the Pa Enua of Aitutaki, Mangaia, Mauke and Mitiaro flew to Rarotonga to attend the two day workshop.

President of Aitutaki’s child Welfare organisation, Keu Samuel Purua has held the position for the past four years and is a mother to three kids.

“Paunu is good for our kids and their parents, because of Covid we only re-started the clinics again three months ago.

“I grew up going to Paunu, its been running for 89 years, so its good be involved,” said Purua.

Volunteer Services Abroad (VSA) Plunket Nurse Molly Dalton from New Zealand is working alongside CICWA, checking over - weighing, measuring and assessing the children.

The workshop brought everyone together and was an opportunity for everyone to meet, Dalton’s role in the workshop was to clarify the roles and responsibilities and the duties of what a child welfare member means and getting everyone on the dame page for their  vision, moving forward.

Having the Pa Enua in attendance has been amazing, said Dalton.

“It’s really important to hear their perspective because they are an equal part of child welfare and we know that things run differently in the Pa Enua.

“It’s been awesome having their engagement on what is and isn’t good, to build these relationships working for them, and our expectations of Paunu for Rarotonga,” Dalton said.

Rose Kairua who has steered the helm of CICWA as president for the past three terms, was again re-elected the president for another three terms.

“I believe and I thank God for this opportunity and I am honoured to take on this position again for another term, and I pray and I hope that with these beautiful mothers we will drive this bus of ours steadily forward achieving our vision,” said Kairua.

The CICWA vision is for safe and better health care for babies, motherhood and fatherhood in the Cook Islands; Ora’anga meitaki e te matutu no te Pepe, Mama e Papa i roto i te Kuki Airani.

Child Welfare would like to thank the New Zealand High Commission and the Social Impact Fund (SIF) from the Ministry of Internal Affairs for making the workshop possible.