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Monday 7 August 2023 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Economy, National


Ngatangiia’s ‘narrow’ roads to be widened by 3 metres
Member of Parliament for Ngatangiia, Tukaka Ama is pleased to see the widening and resealing of the main road in his constituency finally being started. MELINA ETCHES /23080422

The community of Ngatangiia is delighted to see the longstanding issue of narrow roads and potholes finally being addressed.

Works have started on the stretch of main road from Avana to Muri which is being widened to about 1.5 metres on each side.

The upgrade is expected to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance safety for residents and visitors alike.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Ngatangiia, Tukaka Ama said: “I’m excited, and I’m sure our community and all the road users will be pleased as well to see this project finally get started.”

“I’m sure this has got to be the narrowest piece of road on the island.

“This has been an ongoing issue for a very long time.”

Ama believes the delay in fixing this particular road area was due to funding issues and the work programme.

“I’m happy to see that finally it is now moving along and getting done to address the road safety issues.”

Ama met with the individual landowners and is “very appreciative” to them for coming on board with the project.

“The landowners have been supportive and cooperative about the widening of the road and are quite happy hence why this project is moving along quite well.”

Hedges have been removed to allow for a designated pathway for pedestrians and the culverts will also involve some work.

Triad Petroleum Ltd commenced the road improvement work over a week ago. It will continue through to Parengaru and is expected to take four to five months, weather permitting, to complete.

Since there is no ara metua (back road) for motorists to use as a detour, there will be single lane operations for commuters from time to time and minor delays.

The first stage involves digging across road to lay the service lines (Te Aponga Uira, To Tatou Vai and Vodafone Cook Islands), up to the laundromat in Muri.

Ama said once the utility lines are completed, works will then move back to Avana to start the mulching and resurfacing the road with chip seal.

“I would like to thank the people of Ngatangiia for their patience.

“I’m sure that we and all the road users can appreciate that this work being done will benefit everyone and make our road safer.”

Ama said there are other areas of concern in Muri, including the drainage problems, and there are plans to address them.

Work on the Turangi valley roads have been done, and the Avana valley roads will also be attended to.

Ama would like to thank the Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) Minister Albert Nicholas for his support in addressing Ngatangiia’s longstanding road issue.

Road users are asked to be mindful and prepare for delays when driving along this area, as there is nowhere else to direct traffic.