World’s your oyster when it comes to email options

Thursday 27 December 2018 | Published in Technology


Bluesky Cook Islands country manager Phillip Henderson says a number of email options are available to Cook Islands residents who can no longer use their Oyster email addresses.

In the aftermath of complaints earlier this year about the service closing down, he says many of the cloud-based offerings from Google and Microsoft are “best in class” and often free.

Those who still wish to continue using their Oyster email address will have to contact local IT expert, Damon Enoka, for new login details, Henderson says.

“Enoka asked to take over the service following the announcement made by Bluesky Cook Islands earlier in the year to cease its Oyster mail platform.

“Those who have their .ck domain hosted by Oyster can also seek assistance from local IT experts.”

Henderson said Vodafone NZ had also earlier announced it was shutting down all its web hosting services, following technology trends that had superceded “aged” mail services.

“Spark was another (New Zealand) telco company that closed their mail service some years ago.”

On May 1 this year, Bluesky announced the decommissioning of its Oyster mail services, effective from December 1.

This deadline was later extended to December 10 to give those who had not heeded the notice time to make the necessary changes. On December 11, Oyster mail services were switched off.

Explaining the move earlier this year, Henderson said: “Since we launched our Oyster email services, email and technology have evolved and a lot of our customers have told us the Oyster email service is no longer delivering the experience they need today.

“Many of these new features are available on free cloud-based systems with access by multiple devices and offering a lot more mail box capacity. Our Oyster mail service was no longer a viable platform.

“That was simply not good enough for us or our customers. Hence we made the decision to close the service down and save our customers from experiencing further drawbacks with their email service.”

Henderson says Bluesky customers who log into their broadband accounts at a Bluezone Hotspot can do so by entering and their broadband account password.

“To those who have not converted to a new email service and are experiencing any issues, please call us on 123 and we will assist with a solution for you.”

Closure of the service has been noted with sadness from some long-time users of the service who aired their feelings on social media recently.

- Release/CS