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16 January 2021


Technology could boost our economy

Thursday 6 April 2017 | Written by Rashneel Kumar | Published in Technology


Technology could boost our economy
Huawei Technologies Limited staff Tun Cheng Chong (right) and Xiao Lin Tang at the Huawei booth during the 21st Pacific Islands Telecommunication Association (PITA) AGM and Tradeshow at the National Auditorium. 17041504

An effective command centre that could be used in disaster management is among equipment Huawei is demonstrating at the 21st Pacific Islands Telecommunication Association (PITA) AGM and Tradeshow at the National Auditorium.

The Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company has brought a team to showcase some of its new technologies that representatives say could improve the wellbeing of Cook Islands residents, as well as boosting the country’s economy

Barry Lerner, Huawei’s chief information officer for South Pacific region, said the company had been partnering with PITA to help improve the industry in the Pacific region.

Each nation had its own issues and Huawei was providing a platform to deal with them through its technologies, he said.

“We joined PITA so we can participate in the islands to see how they can grow their GDP, how they can improve their social wellbeing and education, and how they can improve their economy and their security.”

Huawei has a number of products on display at the PITA AGM and Tradeshow, which will end tomorrow.

Staff from their regional offices are on standby to explain the features of new technology and their uses to interested participants.

For the Cook Islands, Lerner whose focus is on innovation, transformation, strategy and planning to support the next gen business models, IP services and networks, said there were a number of options.

He said the country was on track with improving its connectivity after launching the 4.5G LTE-Advanced network solution, upgrading from its existing 2G/3G network, to meet increasing demand for mobile applications and services.

This launch was a collaboration between Huawei and Bluesky, the telecommunications and network provider in the Cook Islands, Samoa and American Samoa.

The LTE-Advanced network solution is designed to accommodate mobile internet and data more efficiently.

During a live test performed at the launch on Monday, the network recorded impressive 500Mbps single user throughput speeds.

Lerner believes the system will enable faster and more reliable connectivity throughout the islands to help fuel social and economic growth.

He said other ICT technologies such as Cloud Services and Wireless-to-the-Premise (WTTx), LiTRA, a broadband trunking solution based on the standard LTE network, would help the country meet demand for innovative services.

This would help grow the economy and also assist the Cook Islands to curb depopulation through providing its people with much improved telecommunications services, he said.

“(Through these ICT solutions) you can build motivation centres where young people can come and learn and pick up experience, because all the islands have the same problem – they are losing people. As soon as they get educated, and after high school, they go to university somewhere else and they don’t come back.

“There are two challenges: how to keep the people healthy and how to keep them here. The (best) way is to build the economy and keep them entertained.”