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Local IT expert takes over Oyster email services

Monday 10 December 2018 | Written by Jaimie Keay | Published in Technology


Local IT expert takes over Oyster email services
People can continue using their Oyster email services after a local IT expert took over the service from Bluesky. 18120734

People who wish to continue with their Oyster email services (i.e. oyster.net.ck) can do so now after a local IT expert took over the services from Bluesky Cook Islands.

The telecommunication company announced earlier this year that it would discontinue all its’ Oyster email services as of December 1, 2018. That was further extended to today.

IT expert Damon Enoka said he took over the services to ensure people who have been using the Oyster email services for years do not lose their emails.

“When Bluesky announced that they were turning it (Oyster email services) off, I thought I would try and help everybody not to lose mail so I approached Phillip Henderson (Bluesky country manager) and said that I will take over just the email services,” Enoka said.

“When they cut the services off on December 10, they will redirect the mail exchanger to my server and on my server, I have got all the oyster email account set up.”

Enoka said if people want to keep their oyster email account, they could contact him and he would provide them with a new log in and password.

“Effectively instead of them turning it off on December 10 and any subsequent emails going down, any emails after the switch will come to the mail box on my server.”

Enoka said some people have their Oyster email address connected to their other accounts, such as Facebook, and they would want to continue with the service.

“There are also some resorts who may have several years of printing for promotional purposes with their Oyster email on it. They can at least keep the email going so they don’t waste their promotional items,” he said.

“I’m trying to set it up so people don’t have to rush and do all straight away, they can ring me after Christmas and sort it out.

“I will keep all the mailboxes live for maybe three months before I start to get rid of boxes that look like they are not needed.”

Enoka said the cost of retaining this service would be passed to the people who want to retain their Oyster emails.

Bluesky Cook Islands earlier said their intention to discontinue the service comes on top of numerous criticisms received over the years concerning spamming, blocked emails and sometimes login errors faced by the outdated Oyster platform.

The company said they were not able to find a permanent cost-effective solution to put these issues to rest.

“That’s simply not good enough for us or our customers. We have already migrated our business email service to one of the global providers, it provides users with greater flexibility and is more supportive of the connected world,” Bluesky’s Henderson said in an earlier statement.

“We’ve made the decision to close the service down and save our customers from experiencing further drawbacks with their email service.”

From February 13, 2018, Bluesky ceased creating new mailboxes and offering new email services for its customers.

Meanwhile, Enoka can be contacted on email mailman@raromail.com or phone 50123.