Team CIs – Pep TALK

Wednesday 12 August 2009 | Published in Sports


Saturday 8: Team Cook Islands chef de mission General George George is on a mission.

Give it 100%

Because my reign as Team Cook Islands chef de mission is for a four-year period, my main role is to make sure our young athletes are being developed.

So today I give 100 percent support to our Cook Islands under 21 netball team – to our Cookie beauties.

These athletes are the future of Team Cook Islands and so they are getting my support.

Plus they are the first of our athletes to step out on to the competition scene – the first challengers.

Go my Cookie beauties!

I know some of these girls will be setting their sights further to the Commonwealth Games when I will still be chef de mission.

I’m right behind Team Cook Islands and our under 21 netball team.

Keep your eyes on the tiger, get hungry like a lion and feel the fire in your belly!

Now our athletes in Team Cook Islands keep your heads up and work hard.

I know some of you will be a bit disheartened with the issues of athlete eligibility.

But to you those athletes affected, I still consider you Team Cook Islands athletes.

If you don’t get over that final hurdle of getting a passport, you will still be Team Cook Islands athletes.

It just means you will play a different role but you are no less important to the team.

Don’t be disheartened.

It’s got to be hard on you but there will be more opportunities to represent your country.

The rules are the rules and you can now pour your energy into helping your fellow team mates and still be part of the team.

Just around the corner are the Commonwealth Games and the London Olympics.

Team Cook Islands – hold your heads up with pride and keep the dream alive.

Making your dream a reality is just around the corner.