Local boxers bout in Tahiti

Wednesday 5 August 2009 | Published in Sports


1 August: The Cook Islands boxing team, which includes Eddie Daniels, Matthew Titoa, Osalai Akai and Marcus Jack, are at a boxing competition in Tahiti.

The tour manager, Tom Marsters, is accompanying the boys along with Emile Cowan.

The Cook Islands Amateur Boxing Association organised a lunch before the team left, which was attended by family members, friends and supporters.

At the send-off the president, Tupou Faireka acknowledged sponsors for the team uniforms – Patricia Barton, Tina and Kevin Iro.

There were other supporters who have donated cash for the boxing team and Faireka thanked them as well.

There were great encouragements from all those that attended and the main comment was to go there and be a good representative for your country, regardless of whether you bring home a trophy or not.

Papa Akai said “look at your heritage – te au tupuna toa, have the heart of a man”.

The face and voice of the games Tua Pittman said to the boys, “You fight hard for the sport that you are sacrificing your bodies for. Anybody who puts their hands up to participate in anything for the team is a warrior.”

Faireka wanted to make a special acknowledgement of the employers of the team for allowing the boys to take time off in order to participate in Tahiti.

Daniels works at Sails, Titoa at Vonnias, Akai at BCI and Jack for Lefu Jack.

Results have been received for the first fight night in Tahiti.

Mathew Titoa won his bout in what is being described as a powerful victory by the young Cook Islander.Titoa knocked out his opponent Mariassouce.

Eddie Daniels and opponent Teiki Maratea were equally matched in their 75kg class bout.

However victory was handed to the Tahitian.

Marcus Jack faced Tua Tehei but the pair were not suitably matched at the Tahitian was a heavier boxer and therefore more powerful than the slightly built Jack.

Osoali Akai was defeated by his opponent Badir Gobrait.