Do-or-die in football knockout comp

Wednesday 28 November 2018 | Published in Soccer


The opening eliminations round in the knockout competition will kick off this afternoon at the CIFA Complex, and the Takitumu School grounds with the under-8 and 11 mixed and the U17 men’s division matches.

Matches will kick off at 4.15pm with the juniors and later at 4.45pm with the youth teams, who will set the scene for an exciting week of knockout action.

All U8 mixed division games will be played at CIFA Complex, with Round Cup champions Avatiu facing off against Matavera, Tupapa Maraerenga will be up against Puaikura and runners up Nikao Sokattak will take on Titikaveka.

At the same time, the U11 mixed teams will be fighting for a spot in the semi-finals. Titikaveka will be squaring off against Tupapa Maraerenga, Puaikura contesting Matavera and Avatiu battling it out with Nikao Sokattak.

Following these matches, the war between the U17 men’s teams will get underway at the two venues.

Tupapa Maraerenga will clash against Titikaveka at the CIFA Complex on field one, while Nikao Sokattak will take on Matavera on field two.

At the Takitumu School grounds, it will be the Puaikura battling it out against Avatiu.

The knockout round is no place for any mistakes and with teams coming through an intensive season, no doubt they are in peak form for their do-or-die matches.

To win is critical for any team if they want to progress into the semifinals. In the event of a draw at the final whistle, a penalty shootout will take place to decide the winner of the match.

- CIFA Media


Today at CIFA complex, Matavera. – CIFA Field 1: Under 11 Mix – 4.15pm Field 1: Titikaveka FC-Tupapa Maraerenga FC (Ref: Noel Mani, Dora Iripa),

4.15pm Field 2: Puaikura FC-Matavera FC (Ref: Amene Urirau, Angelina Mitchell), 4.15pm Field 3: Avatiu FC-Nikao Sokattak FC (Ref: Emilie Pierce, Tione Nand); CIFA Field 2: Under 8 Mix – 4.15pm Field 1: Avatiu FC-Matavera FC (Ref: Kura Smith), 4.15pm Field 2: Tupapa Maraerenga FC-Puaikura FC (Ref: Jake Browne), 4.15pm Field 3: Nikao Sokattak FC-Titikaveka FC (Ref: Pierce Iripa). Under 17 Men – 4.45pm CIFA Field 1: Tupapa Maraerenga FC-Titikaveka FC (Ref: Noel Mani, Assist: Maara Kaukura, Kura Smith), 4.45pm CIFA Field 2: Nikao Sokattak FC-Matavera FC (Ref: Amnish Prasad, Assist: Emilie Pierce, Dora Iripa), 4.45pm Matavera Field: Puaikura FC-Avatiu FC (Ref: John Pareanga, Assist: Amene Urirau, Mata Iroa)