smoke signals More tractors could be nice

Saturday 21 February 2015 | Published in Smoke Signals


The dazzling yellow colour of the spanking new Chinese machines lined up military style on the reclaimed Avarua waterfront land last month was impressive, a Smoke Signaller says.

“I suggest they should have been left where they were right throughout our year-long 50th anniversary celebration as part of a special open air display. And as there is still more room to spare on that unused real estate, why not ask for 25 more tractors to replace the broken ones? A fluttering Chinese flag in the middle will complete the picture.”


Just to clarify re this week’s article ‘Muri lagoon icon murdered’, the eel was speared in the area widely known as the Tikioki reserve, near Fruits of Rarotonga, not in Muri lagoon, a Smoke Signaller says. “The Tikioki reserve area is widely referred to in tourism publications, articles and reviews as a reserve or ra’ui area, and majority of locals do know it or think of it as such. There were signs in the area, but now there are not and perhaps the ra’ui zones need to be clarified. However even if the group who killed the eel were not aware of it being a ra’ui area they were acting senselessly. Usually ‘fishermen’ don’t paddle around and around the coral heads in kayaks yahooing with their nets, or holding a dead eel Rambo style above their heads. Just senseless, immature behaviour.”


With Rarotonga’s rumour machine running on overdrive, it’s time for the Government to break its silence and for the Public Service Commissioner to tell the people of the Cook Islands exactly what it was that MMR Secretary Ben Ponia got up to at an Auckland hotel earlier this month. Attempts at another cover-up will definitely not succeed.


When you have children in the car, it pays to drive carefully and to make sure they are safely seated. It is not a good idea to ignore what’s going on in the back seat while both your kids hang half their bodies out of the car windows, trying to grab at tree leaves while you drive at speed. Such senseless behaviour could have tragic results. It’s been seen happening on the back road in Arorangi twice this week.


Why do we have to pay $5 to go watch league games on Saturday?

Maybe one club has got a kaiou in order to pay for a new grandstand or paying their Samoan imports?