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Monday 30 April 2012 | Published in Regional


Titikaveka, Avatiu and Tupapa are dominating the early stages of the netball season and will no doubt be the clubs to beat at the end of the season.

The standout team of the week would have to be the well-drilled Avatiu under 15 side who under the guidance of the Avatiu mamas exhibited polished and almost flawless netball.

The youngsters are the future of the game and after beating a young but no less passionate Ngatangiia side 47-8 – it’s safe to say the future of netball will flourish in their hands.

The Tupapa under 15 side are another force to be reckoned with and over the season they are sure to grow in strength and skills.

On Saturday the young Tupapa ladies dominated their Takuvaine sisters 17-6 but no doubt the Takuvaine club will rally together to give their girls more encouragement as the season goes on.

A close battle was seen in the Titikaveka and Arorangi under 15 match in what was a low scoring affair.

The two sides were equally matched and went point for point early in the game, however missed goals by Titikaveka shooters proved costly as Arorangi kept their cool to edge out Titikaveka 23-19 with the Unuka sisters the standout players for Arorangi.

In the junior open grade, the feeder grade for the premier division, Tupapa were a class above when they took on and defeated Takuvaine 47-18 while Titikaveka were ruthless against Arorangi to win comfortably 36-18.

The hotly contested reserves grade had sparks flying at the TSA with Titikaveka beating Arorangi 48-23 while Avatiu pulled out all the stops thrashing Ngatangiia 73-23.

Titikaveka comfortably beat Arorangi 48-23 in the premier grade and in the Takuvaine and Tupapa match a close game was played.

However, the young and tenacious Tupapa side, who only lost to Avatiu last week in the last quarter, had the upper hand to win 65-57.

As the season warms up – more closely fought battles will unfold at the TSA every Saturday.

Full results – Under 10-Takuvaine 3 vs Tupapa 16, Under 8-Titikaveka 0 vs Avatiu 7, Under 12-Takuvaine 3 vs Tupapa 13, Under 10-Ngatangiia 8 vs Avatiu 14, Under 12-Ngatangiia 10 vs Avatiu 17, Under 10-Titikaveka 14 vs Arorangi 3, Under 15-Takuvaine 6 vs Tupapa 17, Under 12-Titikaveka 13 vs Arorangi 26, Junior open-Takuvaine 18 vs Tupapa 47, Under 15-Ngatangiia 8 vs Avatiu 47, Reserves-Takuvaine 30 vs Tupapa 46, Under 15-Titikaveka 19 vs Arorangi 23, Reserves-Ngatangiia 23 vs Avatiu 73, Junior open-Titikaveka 36 vs Arorangi 18, Premiers-Takuvaine 57 vs Tupapa 65, Reserves-Titikaveka 48 vs Arorangi 23, Premiers-Titikaveka 61 vs Arorangi 26.