Turts and Kuki do their thing

Wednesday 12 August 2009 | Published in Regional


Wednesday 12: Turts the turtle and Kuki the kukupa met for the first time at the opening of the World Youth Netball Championships on Monday where their antics had the adopt a nation school kids in stitches of laughter.

Turts the Onu is the WYNC mascot and represents one of the event’s major sponsors, Turtles Sportswear.

Kuki the Kukupa on the other hand is the Pacific Mini Games mascot but he just couldn’t stay away from the action and fun at the Telecom Sports Arena.

The pals are guests of honour at the arena where they even have their own accreditation in case they are checked by security.

You are allowed to cuddle and kiss the two mascots, however advice has been given that they are very gentle creatures and so respond better if they are treated in that manner.

So don’t be shy – take time out to meet our two mascots. - Matariki Wilson