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Thursday 14 July 2011 | Published in Regional


The Cook Islands junior tennis players have been hitting the courts almost daily for training and organised competitions.

Recently the junior tennis players took to the courts in two age groups, under 12 and under 18, to compete for top honours and rankings.

There were some very competitive matches played during the one day ranking tournament and the weather was perfect for a classic tennis show down at the Nikao Tennis Centre.

In the under 18 section the players were Frederick Pickering, Vaine Koteka, Jake Bergman, Roland Neururer and Lillian Maui who all challenged one another to get the number one ranking.

Despite the fact that Frederick Pickering had the flu, he played a brilliant game.

Jake Bergmans game was variable but this young man has so much potential to excel.

The two girls Lilian Maui and Vaine Koteka definitely gave the boys a run for their money.

A dedicated Roland Neururer who is on the courts 2 to 3 times a week just outperformed the others.

Overall in this section it was a great bunch to watch, with all the teeth gritting, smashing, and those top spins.

In the under 12 division the players were Kiana Sword-Tua, Trey and Strauss Williams, Jack Woods, Tatyana Vakatini and Andrew Terupe.

Jack Woods and Straus Williams had a marathon match of nearly 3 hours and were absolutely exhausted.

For Woods, the marathon game was his first match of the day and after a 20 minute break he took to the courts again to face his second opponent.

This is what all the junior tennis players have to test themselves for and be prepared to play in overseas tournaments.

One player actually smashed her racket which shows lack of discipline.

I tell you these players really got your teeth grinding, said tennis mum and spectator Tanya Savage.

Andrew Terupe is certainly an upcoming talent.

The Williams brothers Trey and Strauss are certainly two budding players to watch out for and they too are totally dedicated to tennis and without a doubt they will be future stars.

Local tennis coach Malcolm Kajer was so proud of all his charges as he watched and coached from the side line.

The overall winner of the under 18 division was Roland Neururer who went through the tournament undefeated with Lillian Maui ranked 2nd, Frederick Pickering 3rd, Jake Bergman 4th and Vaine Koteka 5th.

In the under 12 elite division Andrew Terupe took out the tournament followed by Kiana Sword-Tua in 2nd, Trey Williams 3rd, Strauss Williams 4th, Tatyana Vakatini 5th and Jack Woods 6th .

Parents keen to get their kids into tennis just need to show up at the tennis centre in Nikao where your children will be welcomed and taught the basics of the game.