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Wednesday 3 March 2010 | Published in Regional


Sun showers made for slippery touch rugby games on Monday afternoon among teams in the open me’s and women’s competition.

The top two women’s teams the Vixens and FBI ladies went head to head but neither side could break their 2-all tie.

The TSL Rookies ran circles around their northern group sisters Rama to win their match 7-1.

Tempers flared in the final women’s match between the Avatiu netball team Devil Slayers and Bounty Hunters.

Both teams were matched in skill, talent and fitness but one stalwart Devil Slayer had one too many words with the referee which cost her team a win against the Bounty Hunters who were more than happy to take the 5-4 win.

No doubt the Avatiu netball coach will give the offending Devil Slayer player an extra round of push-ups and laps around the court at the team’s next training!

In the men’s competition, it was all action no talk with the Warriors sharing high fives after downing the Avatiu League Boys 6-5.

The Vikings continue to grow in strength and skill as they once again trounced their opponents the Germinators 9-2.

A tough match was seen between the Oda Rebels and Roxz prisoners team.

The Oda Rebels had to dig deep to keep the Roxz at arm’s length and managed to out-do the Roxz 6-4.

Today the mixed competition continues at the Avatiu swamp.

And extra round of catch up games in the mixed competition will begin next week to make up for cancelled games.

Today’s competition starts at 5.35pm with a total of four games to be played.

Today’s draw – 5.35pm on field one 007 vs Klasix, 5.35pm on field two Club Raro Stormers vs Marekos, 6.10pm on field one No Names vs The Roxz, 6.10pm on field two Vikens vs Rama.