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Saturday 14 March 2015 | Published in Regional


The Facebook page Humans of Vanuatu, which typically shares the everyday lives of Vanuatuans, has been providing updates on the cyclone.

“The wind is starting to come round to face us. On the one hand, that’s good news, because it means that the eye is passing. On the other hand – the wind is starting to come round to face us.”

“The news reports that a communications tower on Ambrym island has fallen down. There seem to have been fatalities, but of course it’s impossible to confirm just now. These towers are typically designed to survive a direct hit from a category 3 hurricane. The eye of cyclone Pam passed almost directly over the southeast tip of the island when the tragic event occurred.”

“Folks, I’ll be honest. It’s really bad out there. The wind is howling with a deep roar that just doesn’t let up. Anyone not in shelter now is in mortal danger. Frankly, I don’t think our country will make it through this without some deep scars. Think a good thought.”

“Hi, everyone. My desktop Internet finally dropped out, and I need to keep my phone for emergencies. I’m sorry, but this will be my last post until tomorrow at the earliest. We’ll keep our heads down and our hopes up. Love you all.”

“The wind is diminishing, but the next tide comes in at 4.00 am. Storm surge will be extreme because the wind is coming right inshore.”

“I look at my girls lying asleep and I want to weep with relief. I think of the countless others less fortunate and my heart just breaks.”