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Poetry and prose from Avatea room 5

Saturday 2 April 2011 | Published in Regional


Avatea primary school students have been letting their imaginations run wild through creative writing like prose and poetry. This week we feature writings from room 5 students of Avatea school.

My Trip to the Moon

with Tom Jones

Yesterday, my ship blasted off to outer space with Tom Jones tagging along.

I was excited and scared at the same time.

It was amazing and unbelievable for me as I watched the earth getting smaller and smaller.

It looked almost like a marble. What a beautiful view.

When we reached outer space I unbuckled out of my seat to find out that I was weightless.

I was floating and bouncing from wall-to-wall. It was so much fun.

Then we landed on the moon. I put on my space suit. The door slowly opened. I slowly walked out with excitement. Tom Jones and I played pass-the-ball on the moon. It was a lot of fun.

But then we realized that it was time to go back home to earth.

So we went back in the ship and blasted home.

Konini Rongo

Funny, Cool, Good

Who likes reading

Who likes playing

Who likes learning

Who likes music

Who likes sports

Who likes animals and

Who likes doing his work.

Johnny Hoeflich

Artistic, Cool, Odd

Son of Daniel and Emma

Sibling of Ashton

Who fears death

Who fears the end of the world

Who hates very, very loud noise

Who likes to play soccer with his dad

Who likes to eat cakes, steak and raw fish

Who wishes to run as fast as a cheetah

Who wishes to fly like a bird

Who plans to have a wife

Who plans to have a family

Who plans to have a good & peaceful life

Jack Wilkinson

Clever, Lazy, Amazing

Daughter of Louisa & Andy

Sibling of William, Boulard, Lydia, Andria and Sidney

Who hates too much noise

Who needs to learn more

Who needs more listening skills

Who wants to be a pilot

Who wants to have a good education

Who loves playing volleyball

Who loves sport

Who loves spending time with family

Who likes eating ice-cream

Louand Brown

Cheeky, Funny, Annoying

Wants to be a billionaire

Wishes to fly

Wishes to be a real singer

Who needs to change her attitude

Who needs to not talk too much

Who needs to improve on her listening

Much loved by her grandparents

Fears losing grandparents

Fears the end of the world

Who loves to sing

Who loves jewellery and

Who loves to eat junk food and drink fizzy drinks

Who wants to be famous

Konini Rongo