New format for Golden Oldies

Wednesday 12 August 2009 | Published in Regional


Friday 7: Last Friday the brand new Telecom Sports Arena at Nikao provided a great backdrop to the Golden Oldies field of play as 60 odd players and spectators enjoyed what was one of the best games of the season.

It seems that the current formula of combining all players into two teams, rather than playing club versus club, is proving popular and contributing to the good numbers turning up to play each Friday.

Our two girls had a good game against each other, each not giving the other any leeway and the men respecting them for their style of play.

Referee Jeff Murray kept the game flowing, putting up with no nonsense, which made the game.

Takuvaine did the honours of hosting the after game session, with our thanks to the Dyer brothers for flying the Takuvaine flag in place of “off the Mark” who was off the Rock.

This week’s game will be held at Ngatangiia at 5pm and is our final ‘official’ game for the season, with the season’s wind up being held at 7.30pm, so all players should have time for their shower pills to work, before kai kai.

The golden oldies association sponsors The Bond will be presenting the awards to the worthy participants for 2009.

So that all can partake of sponsors products, without concerns about driving home, Team Mongoose have taken a responsible stance and arranged for a bus to leave Rose’s Place at 4.15pm with a pick up for Takuvaine from General Transport at 4.25pm and 2papa from Victoria Park.

Any one wanting to be picked up on the way please contact Ronnie at Island Hopper 22026.

This is not the end of GO games for 2009, as games will continue to be held each Friday for a while yet despite many being involved with the World Youth Netball and PMG over the next few weeks. The format will be decided this Friday. - Indian