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Wednesday 27 April 2011 | Published in Regional


Ngatokoitu Daniel, mother of the Muri boxer Eddie Daniel, is angry that nothing has been done about claims that her son was struck in the testicles by his boxing opponent.

Daniel claims that when her son Eddie faced Commonwealth Games boxer Mathew Titoa in the ring on the first fight night of the year in March Eddie was struck four times below the belt.

The fight was not called off by referees and that first bout was won by Titoa.

On Saturday April 16, the Cook Islands Amateur Boxing Association organised a second fight night to give local boxers time in the ring ahead of next months international bouts with Tahitian boxers.

The event is also part of the build up to the Pacific Games in New Caledonia in August.

The matchup between Mathew Titoa and Eddie Daniel was the main fight of the evening and after learning from her husband what had apparently happened to her son in the two boxers first bout Daniel wanted to see with her own eyes what her husband and son had told her.

In the second round of the bout, Eddie Daniel reacted to a blow by Titoa which then caused his mother to express herself while the fight was still going.

Daniel erupted at the referee at what she claimed was a low blow by Titoa but the bout continued as Daniel expressed her anger at the boxing association and referee.

She continued to try and find some answers from association members at the fight night but with no luck to she approached the media.

To my understanding about the boxing law a blow below on anyone twice, youll be disqualified, says Daniel.

And thats my real concern on the night it happened to my son in the first fight and it happened to him again on Saturday (April 16).

She says she does not want to see her son hurt even though he can handle his opponent Titoa, who she claims is a heavy weight and her son a middle weight.

Daniel also has issues with the pairing up of the two different weight class boxers.

Daniel is also calling Titoa, who represented the Cook Islands at the Delhi Commonwealth Games in boxing last year, a default boxer.

We will never allow Eddie to fight with Titoa again because Titoa is a default fighter, says Daniel.

In a hand written statement, Daniel also expresses aversion towards Titoa and his trainer Papa Tom Marsters.

Daniel says that the reason she is so angry is because she says as a mother its hard to see her son have such things done to him.

I got angry on the night because my son was given a big blow under his balls on the night.

Please judges and referees do your homework with integrity and honesty.

Daniel would like to thank everyone who has helped her son be the boxer he is today.

I want to say thank you to Papa Gram for your time and contribution to Eddie and also to Ringiao, Emile Cowan, Charlie OConnor and the rest of the team that have supported Eddie in the past in every way.

Our boy is a very humble boy and a real gentleman a clean fighter and he will never do a stupid thing like what Titoa had done to him.