Memorial service for Paris victims

Tuesday 17 November 2015 | Published in Regional


suva – A memorial service was held at the French Ambassador’s residence in Fiji yesterday morning to commemorate and pay tribute to the lives of more than 120 victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The President, Jioje Konrote, cabinet ministers and diplomats were part of the service.

French Ambassador Michel Djokovic said strong and worldwide mobilisation in solidarity with Paris and France was very important at this time.

“Here in Fiji, the prime minister issued a statement condemning the terrorists and expressing sympathy towards the people of France,” he said.

“Today, the French community in Fiji, the embassy team, my wife and myself are very honoured to welcome your Excellency the President and all of you dear guests to pay tribute to the many victims of last Friday’s atrocious event.”

- Fiji Times